Forget breakfast


I woke up late this morning, ‘bout an hour past daylight.
I turned the propane stove up high to warm the winter’s bite.

I imagined hotcakes with some eggs and bacon flipped on top
and maple syrup so thick you’d use the hotcakes for a mop.

I tiptoed with my wool socks on, across the icy floor.
Then made a leap and jumped to the refrigerator door.

There were no eggs and bacon and I’d guess a whole lot more.
It was time to buy some groceries at Sam Patch’s Country Store.

I cranked up my old Chevy, turned the heater on inside.
It would take an age to warm up being 5 degrees outside.

It didn’t make a lick of sense to sit cold in the seat.
So, I left the truck a running, went inside to soak up heat.

My easy chair was beckoning, “Just sit here for a spell.”
Then I drifted off to sleep. I should have set a wake-up bell.

I swear it was just minutes ‘fore I jumped myself awake.
My mind was still a fog and so I stole a longer break?

I listened to a noise outside, my neighbor’s water pump.
They always leave it running. Like to haul it to the dump!

I drifted off to sleep again for two more hours or so.
Then I woke up so confused and did I hear a rooster crow?

My brain was so befuddled. Guess I needed extra sleep.
But the clock showed 1 p.m. I’d never slept so doggone deep.

And that irksome noise was there again, my neighbor’s noisy gear.
I wanted so to drag the junk clean into the next year.

So, I thought I’d drive on over. Maybe read the riot act.
Or trash the pump with my Massey tractor driving full impact.

When I stepped out to the carport, saw my truck idling away.
I warmed it five whole hours. I was speechless, so to say.

Breakfast time had come and gone, guzzled hours of spendy fuel.
I don’t believe there’s been a day where I felt more like a fool.

So, I drove down to Sam Patch’s store with lunch now on my mind.
And I must admit my Chevy was the warmest ride you’d find.

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