Sunday, November 29, 2020
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If politics won't fix growing public problems -- crumbling roads, worsening schools, widening income gaps -- people will find other ways, oftentimes violent, they believe will fix them.

Trump’s anti-trade tirades and Pence’s flip-flops on key farm and ranch issues such as the Farm Bill and renewable fuels could be bad for agriculture.

Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will remain the key farm income scheme in the UK, even after the Brexit vote.

Caught in the middle of Britain's possible exit from the European Union are UK farmers.

While American farmers and ranchers were eyeball-deep in spring planting and first-cutting hay, their commodity groups and federal government were knee-deep in narrowly-focused studies.

As the politics of this election year heat up, the chances of Congress debating — let alone passing — either of the White House’s marque trade deals continue to melt away.

Every day, seemingly forever, we are being bombarded with politics, invading our homes and our conscious thought.

Rather than just listening to politicians' sound bytes, Americans can judge for themselves how close they are to falling into poverty.

The recent history of the third most powerful constitutional office in the United States, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, is so checkered that you have to seriously question the background of anyone who seeks it.

The thing I love about political season is … nothing. Not a single blessed thing. How is this possible?