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On Dec. 2, several sheep producers in Ohio were given awards for their contributions to the sheep industry at the 2023 Buckeye Shepherd's Symposium.

Ohio Sheep Improvement Association and Ohio Farm Bureau members visited New Zealand for two weeks to explore the island nation's massive sheep industry.

Comfortably Dumb columnist Eric Keller talks about his mishaps in handling sheep.

Upcoming Penn State Extension workshops are aimed at teaching sheep producers how to formulate rations using computer software.

An upcoming Penn State Extension online course will cover many aspects of sheep production and operation management.

Every winter around this time, baby lambs begin prancing through Eliza Blue's dreams — no matter how exhausted she was during the previous lambing season.

One of the country’s major wool buyers is closing its doors later this year, citing the woeful state of the wool markets and rising costs.

Big Tom Perkins showed off some of his mistakes and some of his victories during a pasture walk at his farm, Con-o-Creek Farm, in Beaver County, Aug. 23.

Aaron and Tara Helmick's dairy made sense financially, but it was burning them out. Sheep have given them a new lease on life.

The sheep industry is going through a revival of sorts. Prices for lambs and ewes hit record highs in 2021, following a year of solid growth in 2020. People consumed more lamb last year than they have in two decades.