Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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The West Virginia Department of Agriculture has confirmed a third county, Jefferson, that now hosts the invasive spotted lanternfly.

Learn about the latest management tips to combat the spotted lanternfly.

A Penn State Extension educator believes the circle trap, a funnel-style device that wraps around a tree trunk, is effective against the spotted lanternfly.

Research is helping develop strategies to monitor and trap the spotted lanternfly, which is confirmed in 34 Pennsylvania counties and several nearby states.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture has written proposed rules for a spotted lanternfly quarantine in Ohio, and those rules are in the open comment period.

Snapshots are helping researchers at Penn State zoom in on native species that might feed on the destructive spotted lanternfly.

Penn State Extension debunks myths about the spotted lanternfly to help aid more efficient management. Learn more about common spotted lanternfly myths.

USDA confirmed dead spotted lanternflies were found in Michigan; however, there is no evidence of established populations of spotted lanternfly in Michigan.

New research suggests that several oil-based insecticides can be effective in destroying spotted lanternfly egg masses when applied before they hatch.

A population of the invasive spotted lanternfly has been found in Jefferson County, Ohio, the Ohio Department of Agriculture says.