Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Jonathon Shields, Agriculture Inspection Manager with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, has confirmed a hatch of spotted lanternfly in Cincinnati. 

Butler, Clearfield, Clinton, Fayette, Lawrence and Somerset counties have been added to Pennsylvania's spotted lanternfly quarantine zone. 

Penn State Extension educators share the latest information that research has uncovered about the spotted lanternfly's behavior and environmental impact.

Short-term, heavy feeding by adult spotted lanternflies on young maple trees inhibits photosynthesis, potentially impairing the tree's growth by up to 50%.

While heavy infestations of spotted lanternfly on grapevines can kill them, most vines may be able to survive lighter infestations with few ill effects. 

Spotted lanternflies have infested much of the Pennsylvania and other parts of the eastern U.S., and have moved West into other states, like Ohio. But while spotted lanternflies present a threat to some crops, it’s important to take a step back and look at their actual impact.

Julie Geiss encounters the spotted lanternfly for the first time during an outing at Kennywood and is reminded of how vigilance can help stop its spread.

A new publication from Penn State Extension is a must-read for those who want the latest information about the spotted lanternfly. 

The USDA awarded nearly $1 million for a program to use satellite remote sensing to learn more about the spotted lanternfly.

Indiana County Conservation District demonstrated how to use a circle trap to eliminate spotted lanternflies without harming other wildlife.