Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Check out this a brief overview of changes farmers will want to have on their radar before the upcoming tax season.

For the first time in America, a state is letting businesses use blockchain technology to pay taxes with cryptocurrency.

Changes to the tax law mean farmers and other small business owners can immediately expense more of the cost of certain business property.

The new tax law gives a 20 percent deduction of the gross proceeds for any commodities sold by farmers to a co-op. That is not just huge, it's gigantic.

Woodland owners can appeal their CAUV property taxes before the Ohio Department of Taxation's Board of Appeals, according to a court decision.

According to Alan Guebert, it’s not possible to call either the House- or Senate-passed tax bills simple or reformative.

Now is the time to get the farm financial books fully caught up and to project income and expenses through the end of the year.

The Ohio Senate has approved CAUV reform in its version of the state operating budget.

Without access to good data, it is harder for government agencies and nonprofits to target these public investments efficiently.

Both chambers of the Ohio legislature have now approved bills calling for CAUV reform.