Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Climate change presents challenges for agriculture. Its effects can disrupt food access and increase food prices. And ag also contributes to climate change. As the effects of climate change continue to show in the Midwest and across the world, farmers are adjusting, and farmers' groups are seeking policies that support them.

While it may not be pretty, meat processing is arguably the most important part of the whole local food system.

Labor shortages is a big issue butchers run into when trying to expand or even just run their businesses. Penn State Extension is trying to fix that.

Local grains often get left out of the local food scene. Chatham University is trying to do something about that.

While urban agriculture can't necessarily feed the world, experts and farmers agree that it can be an important part of city food systems.

Cities and counties around the country are taking a hard look at their food systems and coming up with plans to make them better. But do the plans work?

The pandemic has driven growth for local online food sales, but experts expect online sales to remain important for local farmers even after the pandemic.

A northwest Ohio pig farmer reflects on changes he's seen the pork industry go through and how it's impacted the farmers, the land and the consumers.

Food access is a multifaceted issue. It’s a matter of having stores, having money to afford a healthy diet, having transportation and having time. Food deserts can be found in urban areas, like Youngstown, Ohio, and rural areas, like Vinton County.

A new study looked at 10 Pennsylvania farms to find out what it would take to scale up pastured livestock production.