Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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There are definitely water quality issues in areas of Ohio that have been the driving force behind the movement to pass new regulations concerning manure and fertilizer applications. So what’s a farmer to do?

A Purdue project is looking at the economic and environmental benefits and costs of storing water on farms. The project will also address the issues of farm nutrients draining from fields and causing problems downstream.

Ohio lawmakers approve compromise nutrient legislation, with bans for certain winter application.

When we look at a river or creek, we often neglect to look at the entire corridor — the area on both sides of the river or creek.

House ag committee nearing the completion of its own nutrient regulation bill.

Senate moves ahead with priority issue: protecting Lake Erie.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich outlines his goals for water quality.

Ohio's Senate Ag Committee holds hearings on new water quality bill.

The Ohio House ag committee held its first hearing of the year, and water quality was at the forefront.

No matter where you farm, or what you farm, you impact water quality with your production practices and management decisions: Commentary by Editor Susan Crowell