Thursday, August 11, 2022
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For the third year in a row, Lake Erie is expecting a below average algal bloom this summer, due largely to less heavy rainfall. The bloom is expected to be at a 3.5 on the severity index.

In 2020, The Nature Conservancy launched the Farmer Advocates for Conservation program. Through the program, farmers using conservation practices learn how to talk about the benefits they see from them, and encourage other farmers to give them a try.

As H2Ohio rolls out, Ohioans are watching to see what kind of impact it has on the state’s water quality. To help measure that, the OACI is establishing baselines for conservation practices and ways to improve at both the farm level, and in watersheds.

An Ohio bill that would deregulate some ephemeral features has moved to Gov. Mike DeWine’s desk, with mixed reactions from conservation groups. House Bill 175 will remove ephemeral streams, but not wetlands, from regulation under the state’s water pollution control programs.

The days of allowing livestock to have full access to streams are numbered as more regulations are set and the importance of clean water is emphasized

If Ohio House Bill 365 were to pass, Ohio would join a handful of other states that have set limits on PFAS in drinking water.

The Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative offered a glimpse of exactly what conservation practices look like in the Lower Maumee watershed with an assessment survey report.

In unlucky parts of the world, clean drinking water is scarce or limited. Although many Americans don't face that issue, we need to conserve water.

Addressing climate change and soil health and making sure programs work for small farms will be key for building more resilient local food systems, according to speakers at the Ohio Food Policy Network's summit.

A new watershed project in northwestern Ohio will demonstrate that agricultural conservation practices can help meet Lake Erie's water quality goals.