Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Farmers in eastern Ohio and western PA should take extra care this weekend as rising temperatures could pose problems for humans and animals alike.

Learn how the record rainfall has impacted the survival of fawns, turkey poults and other wildlife, and how you can help mitigate the effects.

Alan Guebert breaks down the expected amount to be paid to farmers by the government due to a poor planting season caused by bad weather.

I’ve seen the numbers. The rain is historic. But it’s not hard to see it with my own eyes, too. With each new rain drop that has fallen, the saturated ground has spit it back out in new ways.

The Farm and Dairy staff investigates how the rain is currently impacting farmers in all sectors and how it will continue to have an impact in the future.

Planning for increased rainfall is guaranteed to reduce runoff, improve soil health and water quality, save money and add beneficial beauty to your yard.

Alan Guebert reacts to the nearly 5,000 readers' comments posted online in response to sentiments from farmers included in a Washington Post article.

Judith Sutherland recalls the July 4th flood of 1969 that changed the simple balance of life on her family's farm for a very long time.

Whether you want to replace early-maturing vegetables or you've had trouble getting things to grow, midsummer planting can give you a second chance.

I hope these reporters who pulled on boots and tramped out to flooded corn and soybean fields will keep those contacts handy. Keep following this story. Because it may impact your box of cereal or the cost of your tires in the future.