Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Can woolly bears predict a bad winter? Do cows lie down before rain? Does a large spider web mean cold weather? Find out if the folklores are true.

Take steps to help keep your family safe and comfortable during a winter storm long before one is forecast. Learn how to put an emergency kit together.

We need to assess how these strong Mother Nature events such as drought and rain impact our pastures and forage production. 

The price of corn in the United States has been increasing this year and is now approaching record highs. Like in 2012, the weather is a factor.

After unusually warm weather in the early spring, much of Ohio and Pennsylvania, along with other states, were hit hard by a late snow and several nights near or below freezing in late April. Fruit farm and orchard owners across the state are seeing the impact, but aren’t sure what the full extent of the damage will be yet.

Frigid temperatures could be gripping Ohio, the Midwest and the Northeast around the last week of January.

NOAA's winter forecast for the U.S. favors warmer, drier conditions across the southern tier of the U.S., and cooler, wetter conditions in the North.

The weather gave farmers plenty to talk about in 2019. Heavy rain delayed or prevented planting for many. This year, spring is looking more promising.

An extended mud season has made feeding forages and maintaining pastures very difficult. Learn how to help your ruminants.

Last spring’s relentless rainfall played havoc individual fields and this year could be a repeat. Plan now to find solutions to increased rainfall.