Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Anyone who doesn't follow their local flood plain regulations may open themselves and their property to legal action from their neighbors if a flood occurs.

Bryce Angell personifies every farmer's fight with Mother Nature in this clever poem.

Eliza Blue's South Dakota ranch has received more rain in the past week than the entirety of last spring and summer. Her family is enjoying the results.

Despite a wet, cold start to the planting season, row crop farmers in Ohio and Pennsylvania are mostly on track with planting for the year, though some are still trying to get into their fields to finish planting, and some are weighing whether to replant soybean acres that have struggled to get established under a lot of rain.

If today's "Southwestern megadrought" continues much longer, both Lake Powell and Lake Mead will become the empty bathtubs their rings already suggest.

Following a storm, Judith Sutherland's farm was covered in splintered trees all over the place. Cleaning it up has been a lot of work.

Plants that grow in South Dakota do so without aid because years of evolution taught them to thrive there. Humans that live there have to be like that, too.

In the middle of a storm, in the middle of the night, Eliza Blue realized at long last everything really is going to be okay.

Eliza Blue spent the first half of the week getting ready for a major winter storm, the second half weathering it and now digging out. 

After a lifetime spent in places where rainfall is plentiful, Eliza Blue was unprepared for the realities of living in an ecosystem where drought is common.