Monday, April 12, 2021
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Frigid temperatures could be gripping Ohio, the Midwest and the Northeast around the last week of January.

NOAA's winter forecast for the U.S. favors warmer, drier conditions across the southern tier of the U.S., and cooler, wetter conditions in the North.

The weather gave farmers plenty to talk about in 2019. Heavy rain delayed or prevented planting for many. This year, spring is looking more promising.

An extended mud season has made feeding forages and maintaining pastures very difficult. Learn how to help your ruminants.

Last spring’s relentless rainfall played havoc individual fields and this year could be a repeat. Plan now to find solutions to increased rainfall.

As we approach 2020, Jane Houin offers some ways you can weather proof your farm for what can be called "extreme farming" conditions.

The heavy rainfall earlier this year gave way to drought in parts of Ohio and other states, presenting more challenges for this year's harvest and yields.

The weather in 2019 has seemed extreme to some, especially with the rainfall. A scientist, however, suggests this weather fits the climate change trends.

Ohio laws governing water rights and drainage are complex and constantly evolving. Deb Bigelow offers a breakdown for landowners in her column this week.

After a tornado destroyed their barn and damaged their home, the community came together to help the Taylor family recover.