Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Each day the sun rises a few minutes later and sets a few minutes earlier.

Ever wonder where migrating birds end up after we last see them? Just how far can these things travel?

Several times each year I'm pleasantly surprised when I get a letter or email from a reader asking how to attract more crows. Such letters make me smile.

When you encounter wildlife, enjoy it from a safe distance.

Men move animals in an almost casual manner, all with good intentions, but most without thought to what problems might be forthcoming.

Come spring, salamanders are on the move.

Columbiana has made it illegal for residents to feed Canada geese.

We're keeping a close eye on the salmon that are making their journey north to spawn in Alaska and we're also checking on the guinea fowl "keets" that are beginning to hatch in Nebraska.

So ... once again nature proves it is not to be trusted. As a person once proudly self-described as “indoorsy,” I have tried to...

Last week, I wrote about Ralph Kohler, a lifelong waterfowl hunter who continues to host paying guests at his Missouri River pit blinds, something...