Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Kymberly Foster Seabolt brings readers another comical installment in her ongoing series titled "Nature is Not To Be Trusted."

Learn how to find and identify different types of birds in Ohio and get started birding regardless of the season.

Julie Giess ponders how rare it is to see a snowy owl in the wild following a sighting along the bank of the Grand River recently.

Can woolly bears predict a bad winter? Do cows lie down before rain? Does a large spider web mean cold weather? Find out if the folklores are true.

Tracking helps Julie Geiss learn about the journeys of woodland creatures that make their home in the woods behind her house.

Trapping of furbearers is important for conservation and a host of other reasons. However, the average age of trappers in North America is 50 years old.

Managing woodlots to encourage the growth of woody browse can attract deer and help maintain your woodlot. Learn how to create an ideal habitat for deer.

Thousands of ducks, gulls and other birds fly in from Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Newfoundland and the Arctic to winter on Lake Erie and other Great Lakes.

A troop of fifth-grade Girl Scouts in Ohio found a way to help endangered gorillas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by recycling old electronics.

Julie Geiss dives into bobcat research after discovering there's one sniffing around in the woods near her home.