Friday, July 3, 2020
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Learn more about freshwater mussels; their role in the ecosystems of rivers, lakes and streams in the Midwest and how you can help protect them.

Julie Geiss recalls the first night her family spotted lightning bugs at dusk on their property and the lessons they learned from watching them.

Learn more about the 25 species of salamander in Ohio, specifically the red-spotted newt and eastern hellbender.

Learn more about the "wait to mow" movement and how it helps bobolinks and other grassland birds who've lost habitat.

Learn some simple backyard conservation practices that won't make you public enemy No. 1 in the neighborhood.

Wildlife specialists believe coyote populations have reached a saturation point and may be having a positive impact on agriculture and local ecosystems.

Learn more about the role snapping turtles play in aquatic ecosystems, the truth about their temperament and state regulations for controlling populations.

On the day of Judith Sutherland's father's funeral, she and two family friends witnessed a spectacle that really was a testament to her father's values.

A bee hotel can encourage more solitary bees to nest in your yard or garden and can be simple to construct. Learn how to build a bee hotel.

It's best to leave baby animals alone so their mothers return. However, there are things you can try to ensure survival while they're waiting for mom.
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