Saturday, June 3, 2023
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A good location, daily maintenance and regular cleanings can help ensure your birdbath stays clean throughout the summer and into fall.

The Friends of Magee Marsh and the ODNR have completed renovations to the Magee Marsh Visitors Center and the boardwalk. It is the first point of entry to Magee Marsh for bird watchers from all over the world. "I think Magee Marsh should be on every birder's bucket list," said Mary Mertz, ODNR director.

Damage to manmade structures can be prevented without harming eastern carpenter bees when their behavior and their lifecycle are taken into account.

Julie Geiss' sons participated in an event called Young Eagles Flights, and gained a bird's eye view to large growths of weeds in Mosquito Lake.

There are several ways to discourage starlings from visiting your backyard. Eliminating easy access to food sources and nesting sites is crucial.

Learn how to build and install a simple nest box for common cavity-nesting songbirds that live in your backyard and nearby habitats.

Kym Seabolt lives by one core mantra, and that is nature is not to be trusted.

Bird populations have been declining for decades. Fortunately, seven simple conservation practices can help turn things around and improve songbird numbers.

Making your backyard more friendly, and creating a space for songbirds will help conserve at-risk species and ensure you have visitors all summer long.

Instead of being wary of a larger predator that could pose a danger, some badgers will team up with a coyote as a hunting partner.