Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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The Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District has been housing a baby hellbender since Aug. 24, 2017. Learn more about its progress over the last year.

The colder months are here, it's time review the best foods to offer backyard birds.

Learn how to recycle your decorative pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns at each stage of decomposition to minimize waste and help wildlife.

Elk Run Preserve is a 91-acre nature preserve in Columbiana County’s Fairfield Township, created through the nonprofit Western Reserve Land Conservancy.

Fall is a special time for Scott Shalaway. As his father did with him, he uses all the changes of the season to teach his children and grandchildren.

Earlier this month, residents of Gilbert, Minnesota were alarmed by flocks of birds behaving erratically. Find out what causes birds to get drunk.

Mixed flocks of birds frequent feeders during fall and winter. Offer suet and sunflower seeds and learn to identify the "social climbers."

After nesting, molting is the most important thing birds do. Feathers are critical for survival.

For nearly 25 years, unpredictable fluctuations of ruffed grouse populations in the Appalachian region have frustrated wildlife biologists in many states.

Each balloon that floats away is an ecological disaster waiting to happen. The consequences include powerline outages and sea turtles dying a painful death.
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