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Brandi and Nick Anderson on the Ohio Farm Bureau's Outstanding Young Farmer award, and Adam and Jess Campbell won the Excellence in Agriculture Award.

Crawford County farmer Casey Niese relies on the insight of his father and grandfather, and his college education, to succeed as a crop farmer.

Zach and Kelley Alger, Ravenna, Ohio, farm 1,500 acres and manage 600 cows with their dads. After both going to college, see why they came back to the farm.

The dairy industry is rapidly changing, and this young farmer and his family are trying to position themselves for the future.

Nathan and Megan Steel love dairy cows, but as the farm struggles to breakeven they looked to diversify. They jumped when a produce market was for sale.

Ben Klick is the fifth generation to farm Windy Way Farm in Massillon, Ohio, and he says he wouldn't want to do anything else.

Dairy farmer Kevin Spreng built his way up gradually, starting with the family farm and branching out.

Farm and Dairy's "Young and Farming" series is one way we can support these young farmers, and share their joys and struggles, says Editor Susan Crowell.

Joel Smith of Smith Vale Farms, Homeworth, Ohio, is a third generation dairy farmer. His parents and uncle farm full-time with him, milking 126 cows.