LETTER: HSUS has a goal for Ohio and farmers need to stand up



In August 2010 HSUS started its first phase of killing Ohio farms. They were given all the help they needed by the Ohio Farm Bureau and ex-Gov. Ted Strickland.

But maybe it started before then; maybe it started a year earlier when the Ohio Farm Bureau pushed the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board. Telling voters the board would save the state from animal rights groups. Maybe the plan was to set up a board that could push laws though faster, making it easier for HSUS.

For years Ohio farmers have believed in the Farm Bureau. It’s easy to buy something if you trust the person selling it to you. So it seems HSUS is in control of the board. HSUS now is telling the board how we can house our animals. Telling ODNR what animals we can raise. How they are in control of our state.

Have we let the animal rights people take over? Have we, as Ohio farmers, lost are will? Are we just going to let them run are lives? When will it end, when we have lost our farms? Will we do nothing and let them take away our way of life?

They paint this nice picture of organic farms which are OK with free-range, grass-feed chickens, beef, pork and veal. But the fact is not all Ohioans, not all Americans, can afford organic free-range, grass-fed food. The fact is most Ohioans can’t afford to eat. HSUS says farmers beat our cows to make them milk.

I was raised on a dairy farm; our cows would stop producing if a new person was in the barn. How much milk do you think you would get if you beat her? The fact is cows don’t give milk if they are upset nor will chickens lay eggs if they are upset. Fact is sows kill their babies by laying on them if you turn a sow loose in a field. Then tell me how much pork will go up?

The animal rights groups show videos of pigs screaming. All you have to do is touch one and you would think you killed it. The animal rights groups show hens with no feathers. What they don’t tell you is hens lose their feathers — it’s call molting.

We as Ohioans can’t depend on the Ohio Farm Bureau to help; we must do this as one group, one voice. We must stand as one in all areas on animal ownership or HSUS will take our farms, homes and our way of life. Animal owners do not beat or torture our animals. Ohio animal owners care for our animals in snow, rain, sleet and heat.

Stand up. Call ODA, ODNR, Gov. Kasich, your congressmen and your senators. Voice your opinion, let them know we are one voice. As elected officials, they need to stand up to the radical animal rights groups so we can keep our farms, incomes and most of all, our animals.

Kay Weidman

Big Prairie, Ohio


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  1. Well, farmers, there is hope. The animal rights ideologues cannot depend on finding REAL abuse, so they create it. Here is the link to an article about abuse of Australian animals sent to Indonesia for slaughter. Videos were produced which showed terrible abuse in the Indonesian slaughter houses, causing the Australian government to halt shipments of animals to Indonesia. BUT…research into the matter determined that the Indonesian slaughter house workers were PAID TO ABUSE THE ANIMALS for the animal rights video!!!! Now, we have seen the same thing here, with the Ohio dairy farm video. Looks like the animal rights leaders will CREATE abuse when they do not find it occurring! Since the animal rights agenda is NO MEAT EATING, NO ANIMAL USE, they are using fraudulent means to gain their goals. Share this with your legislators please:


    Inquiry hears Indonesian workers were paid to abuse animals
    A Liberal senator told today’s Senate inquiry into the live export
    industry that animal rights groups had paid Indonesian abattoir workers to abuse cattle to provide the footage that led to a ban on Australian exports. (more on the website…)

    • What an irresponsible thing to post. This is simple gossip mongering.. Chris Back has produced NO evidence of his claim.
      I am beginning to believe you folks deserve all the antipathy that is coming at you from everywhere.
      Conduct like this, repeating unproven gossip, simply to stir up your political witch’s brew, proves you are undeserving of anything but scorn.
      And you seem to be getting a whole lot of it these days.

      It’s not agriculture that is ‘under attack ‘ as you repeat over and over…. it’s you folks.
      Everywhere we look its ‘Ag under attack’..here and’ Ag under attack’ there.
      Maybe one day you will ask yourselves why…
      Because it’s certainly not going away, is it?

      And maybe give the ‘vegan animal rights’ thing a rest.
      You should be so lucky if less than 1 percent of the population were your only critics.

      And Okie Storm, it’s time you did something about your appalling grammar…this is America for God’s sake.

  2. I had a distant relative die of mad cow in PA last week. They did a biopsy of brain matter to confirm. I don’t think an activist did that.

    • If your insinuating that your relative died of the same pathogen that causes BSE in cattle, you can blow in the wind. There has NEVER been ANY proof that ANY human has contracted this disease from cattle. There IS a SIMILAR condition that humans do infrequently get that closely imitates many of the symptoms that cattle have of BSE-but it is in NO way connected. The connection of these is ONLY a THEORY of a VERY FEW scientists-most scientist have rejected this theory.

      Aside from that, just what does your remark about activists mean?? What does a human death (no disrespect for your loss-my condolences)have to do with a letter that truthfully exposes the attacks on us farmers by animal rights groups-or even the comment above by Laura that exposes the outright fanatical extremes that these groups will go to to try to shock people into decietfully beleiving them??

    • Terry I call Both Department of Agriculture and Health in PA. NONE HAVE ANY REPORTS OF MAD COW OR ANYTHING RELATED TO COWS DEP HEALTH 877-724 3258 DEP OF AG 717-787-4737 I was told by the department of Ag none in the US so again its your story Terry tell it as big as you want

  3. That relative likely died of Jacob Creutzfeldt disease, which is a disease in humans that is similar in the disease process to mad cow disease, which is similar to scrappie in sheep. Similarity in diseases does not indicate that the person contracted the disease from cows. The disease is caused by prions, and apparently, according to the most recent research, runs in some people’s families.

    Animal rights activism does not help the animal rights cause, IF that cause is truly animal welfare. However, it seems to me that animal rights fanatics are “true believers” and as such, they are not bothered about creating their own facts in order to achieve their goals. This kind of behavior is dangerous to society at large and certainly the general public need to know about it so they are not fooled into believing whatever fraudulent videos they see.

    • http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvrd/vcjd/qa.htm

      New concerns
      In The Lancet (June 2006), a University College London team suggested that it may take more than 50 years for vCJD to develop, from their studies of kuru, a similar disease in Papua New Guinea.[43] The reasoning behind the claim is that kuru was possibly transmitted through cannibalism in Papua New Guinea when family members would eat the body of a dead relative as a sign of mourning. In the 1950s, cannibalism was banned. In the late 20th century, however, kuru reached epidemic proportions in certain Papua New Guinean communities, therefore suggesting that vCJD may also have a similar incubation period of 30 to 50 years. A critique to this theory is that while mortuary cannibalism was banned in Papua New Guinea in the 1950s, that does not necessarily mean that the practice ended. 15 years later Jared Diamond was informed by Papuans that the practice continued.[44] Kuru may have passed to the Fore through the preparing of the dead body for burial.

      These researchers noticed a genetic variation in some kuru patients that has been known to promote long incubation periods. They have also proposed that individuals who contracted CJD in the early 1990s represent a distinct genetic subpopulation, with unusually short incubation periods for Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). This means that there may be many more vCJD patients who have longer incubation periods, which may surface many years later.[43]

      In 1997 a number of Kentuckians developed CJD. It was discovered that all the victims had consumed squirrel brains, although a coincidental relationship between the disease and this dietary practice may have been involved.[45] See: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2008/aug/03/bse.medicalresearch for recent concerns.

      • Yes. I am quite familiar with the work of Dr. Jared Diamond of UCLA since he has written some great books and has traveled to New Guinea many times. I think his book, The Third Chimpanzee, is a must read. As far as JC disease, mad cow disease, etc. all are caused by prions. The prion cannot be destroyed. It is not alive, BUT it can cause brain cells to replicate in ITS form, which is a reverse of their normal configuration. Then these brain cells that have changed form are no longer functional. So, these variants of mad cow, scrappie in sheep, and JC in humans, all these brain diseases are caused by the prions. And, since prions are not alive, they cannot be killed, like germs.

  4. All I know is they (doctors) said that it came from eating meat. And the relative has not been the only case. I can’t remember the # of people that they said die a year from it. I am just tired of farmers lumping all people who speak out against factory farming as crazy lying activists. No matter which side of the fence you are on everyone should care about animal welfare. There are extreme people on BOTH sides, and that is with any issue. I care about animal welfare. I don not eat meat, my spouse does. I don’t think that the world is going to become vegans. I just don’t think that will ever happen. Most people stop eating meat because of a decision they made on their own or their doctor told them to cut out read meat. I don’t believe that the majority of people you all call activists want to take your living away. But there are some bad farmers who have commited animal abuse just as there are good farmers who have not. Not all media stories about bad farmers comes from activits.

  5. Here is a situation going on as we post. It is American slaughter horses at a feedlot in Presidio, TX run by a cattle rancher.

    Ray Field
    Okay, lets see. Today the JOP signed the order. I need some help here on facebook. I have a few friends who are getting bombarded with the interests but clearly can’t help for political reasons and want to be removed from my foundation page. I can’t let this happen these people are important so how do I limit my posting?

    Now for the really important stuff, today the temporary pens we were going to use the owner decided he was best friends with the guy with the abused and neglected horses so here’s the immediate request. The horses are safe and quarantined on the other end of where they were and being fed and watered.

    We need to find stock pens, in Marfa, Valentine, Alpine, Terilinqua so we can move these horses asap. I have 12 trucks, 18 whellers, goosenecks trailers ready to move everything. Put out the word for location, we’ll rent the pens.

    Now the moron is moving all the cattle as we speak even if not acropss the border but up and down the texas line to move them away from being seized. I had to pick horses or cattle so I chose horses. Theres down to 600 or so horses before we could put a plug in the hole.

    For all you Sue Wallis fans listen up, this is the perfect example on why feed lots can not take of horses in any form. So call Sue and tell her, her plans and speach at Las Vegas was good but not pretty. We have a national example to use.

    I’m trying to get paypal set up and should have it up momentarily.

    Several of you want certain individuals to help here and I’m 100% against them because they don’t tell the truth and when it hurts it needs to be told and twisted into some scheme. I dont throw rocks when they land they hurt. Remember folks there still mean people out here in sheep skin.

    These horses are in crappy shap, torn up, beat up looks like a machette went to some of these. Several had to be put down tonight.

    here’s the help, they have dead horses in the creek area that runs off into the Rio Grande River, they have hundreds in the city dump not covered up looks like stalin. What I need is a little more help getting Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General involved and the TCEQ Environmental Agency on this asap.

    We will be moving horses to several holding facilites from west Texas. Tomorrow this slaughter pen owner will be accepting more horses and I need a para legal or lawyer to help with getting a TRO against him until the JOP here’s this.

    He was let go go before doing this and now he’s back at it.

    I’m doing everything I can to stop this bridge but it continues to need all of us calling and fighting and to end this door in Presidio, Texas. I do sincerely appreciate so far the over whelming support via fb. Please remember, fuel and hay costs and I will get these into homes because thats what I am good at. Keep working with me and the Wild Horse Foundation. Please your remarks focused and not on BLM or other issues here. Stay focused and we can win this.

  6. Didn’t mean to get the advertisement in my last post. Try again.
    1500 Horses and 600 cattle starving to death
    .by Ray Field on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 1:05am.1500 horses and 600 head of cattle starving in Presido, Texas holding pens. Today as I did a fly over of Big Bend Ranch State Park, drifting over the west rim I dropped down to see at the edge of town in Presido, Texas horses and cattle dead in the creek that feeds water into the town. Horses and Cattle both without water or food. The moron who is suppose to watching over the pens has been missing or drunk for days. The pens are located just past the Presido city dump to north east a couple of miles. The pens are leased to Jim Crennan of C4 Cattle Company in Burlington, Texas south of Rosbud southeast of Waco, Texas and he works for Ty Jones. The name of the pens, Alvardo Pens. The sad part is that while these horses are put here for sale to Inter meats, horse slaughter in mexico owned by former Dallas Crown Olivier Kemseke. Its a worse crime to slaughter animals but its even a worse (r) crime to starve them. As this is being written I have an agent on the group moving around 600-800 horses and hopefully most of the cattle. People this is Texas, it aint rained here in God knows when, hay is higher than gold, wait it is gold, and how do I ask for help is beyond my comprehension. The Sheriff’s office is livide and tomorrow we will try and get a court order but this is the tough part. Is it illegal to beat the crap out of the ignorant?

    • @terri, this is why we need the slaughter houses back open again. NOT for human consumption, BUT for the use of vet schools, zoos, big cat sanc. etc. Yes it would be nice to be able to eat any livestock HORSES included, but i don’t see that happening any time soon, and I bet you that if the houses were open this would not be happening because someone would have taken the horses to the slaughter house.

  7. Let’s all call PA department of health and see how have died in PA then we can see how not telling the truth want bet its Terry

    • Butch that is the what the Dr. told everyone in the family so that is what veryone in the family believes. He told them it was from eating meat and it was mad cow. I don’t know what else to say. I did not make this up that is what the Dr. said.

      • Well Terry I also called the CDC yesterday they also told me no mad cow has been reported or recorded in the state of PA Dr. Long there told me that the person make the statement was not telling the truth I told her it was coming for a animal rights person she said “well look at the source”

      • Butch
        Can you give me the phone# to Dr.Long? I can’t seem to find him. I called the Dept of Agr in PA they said they don’t have a Dr. Long. I would like to speak to him in regards to what the Dr. told my relatives about Mad Cow. I called the other number you listed and it takes you to automated service containing housing codes, west nile, healthy baby, birth & death, nursing home, etc.

  8. I would like to have a copy of the death certificate. I think I will make that call to PA myself. That is was the doctor stated, that it came from an eating meat. I was shocked also.

    • Terri, a DOCTOR saying it came from eating meat, is NOT the same as a scientific lab CONFIRMING the cause of death. For instance, mad cow disease is caused by prions. So is Jacob Creutsfeld disease. AND, it has now been posited that JC disease is somewhat hereditary. At least that is what Stanford scientists are working on. How do I know this? Because I happened to know a UC Berkeley professor who died of it. And it took the scientists looking under the microscope at brain tissue to SEE that his death was caused by prions. As far as a lot of doctors, I don’t know that I would trust their opinion too much. My husband almost lost a leg because his doctor was treating his knee for arthritis…and when the leg turned purple and pus broke thru the skin, and it was tested…he had a staph infection. So much for modern medicine. I would want to see a LAB report from one of the universities studying prions before I ever believe an MD who says the death came from eating meat. Seriously.

      • Laura,
        He was supposed to have sent it to a lab for comformation. I do not know why he called it that or said it was from eating meat. I just know that is what he said.

    • Some doctors speak loosely about disease matters…especially if they are not clear about the matter themselves. How many doctors STUDY mad cow disease for instance? How many know the origin of Jacob Creutsfeld disease? Not many. In fact, when these kinds of cases occur, most doctors/hospitals simply send tissues out to be studied. AND if the lab they use is not the greatest, the lab may make mistakes. Identifying prions in brain tissue is not an everyday occurrence for most lab workers so I doubt most would be expert at it. In cases of JC disease, it is generally research scientists who end up identifying the prions in the brain tissues, not regular lab workers.

  9. Terry,if the horse slaughter plants were opened back up here these horses would not be ib holding pens waiting to go to Mexico,,now would they. also you all need to check out this Ray field and his wild horse rescue,look at the picts of the starveing horses he has had since March,,yes i said march and they are worse now then when he got them!! his own AR people are trying to make him tell them why these horses are worse since he got them!!These animals in TX were to be loaded weeks ago but thanks to the AR groups trying to stop transport they were not moved, do your research before you start spreading stuff you know nothing about.

  10. Now you are in my area of expertise. I have been involved and researching the horse slaughter issue for over a decade. I have FOIA’s from the USDA & OH I have personally been to all the export pens in TX & NM. I have been to the feedlot is Morton. I have personally followed a Sugarcreek livestock truck from Sugarcreek, OH to Morton, TX feedlot with horses on the truck for 34 hrs. A USDA violation. NO livestock is aloud to be on on conveyance for over 28 hrs without being off loaded. A complaint was filed with the USDA. No AR people stopped those horses from going over the border for weeks. This just happened a few days ago. Do you think is OK to let animals go without food or water? There have been problems at those pens before with injured & sick horses. The people who are aloud to sell their horses in those conditions which violate state abuse/neglect laws should be prosecuted. It is a crime to do those things and people who do commit them are criminals. But good luck getting the Ag dept or local law enforcement to bring charges on animal abusers. And that is a problem I have personally experience in many states. Horses were going over our borders when the US slaughter plants open. The US plants were importing horses to slaughter. We had a horse slaughter plant in Ohio years ago. Horses are not regulated as food animals in our country. As a farmer are you not concerned about people eating meat that has drugs in it? Why is the EU now requiring signed statements of no drugs used on horses for the last 180 days & in the future going to require a life record of all drugs used on a slaughter horses? Why because our county does not requlate horses for slaughter. As Americans we do not raise horses for food or fiber as we do not raise our dogs or cats for countrys that eat those animals. I do not know Mr. Fields or his org. But I have been to Presidio. I spoke to a Sheriff the other day that was at the pens & he informed me he that there were dead animals & they had not had water. Anytime you want to educate yourself on the horse slaughter issue I will gladly share my hundreds of FOIA’s from the USDA. I just spoke to the head of the slaughter horse program the other day & TX dept of Agr to make them aware of the situation in Presidio.

    • and terri if ppl like you would not have gotten the plants closed, then maybe those horses from sugarcreek would only have to travel about 8 hrs. I LIVED in that area for 22yrs of my life, before moving to soutehrn ohio, i know of the slaughter house you speak of and it was NOT just a horse slaughter house, but hogs, cattle, etc. ATI used that slaughter house to get their legs of the horses for the farrier class. I HIGHLY doubt you followed one of leroys trucks because he is very wary at who follows him now days. he or his driver would have noticed. IM SICK and tired of ppl gripping on these drivers, IF you ppl would have left the houses open then maybe none of this would have happened. and did you know that in the 80’s and into the 90’s ppl STILL ate horsemeat. It was a staple in some colleges. BUT because to many ppl think horses are PETS, instead of what they trutly are LIVESTOCK.

      • daphne LeRoy Baker was shipping his horses to TX at the time the US plants closed not to Quebec that was closer. I know this because I have copies of his owner/shipper papers vs10-13 papers that state the loading & unloading points of the horses. So the horses were traveling over twice the distance & time. And yes it was a Sugarcreek livestock truck that I followed to TX. The driver also did not take his 10 hr required rest brake. He was to busy googing around with a girlfriend that he dropped off I-44 over in Missouri in a livestock auction parking lot. He was was not driving so safe toward the end of the trip. THe information was given to the USDA & the FMCSA. I also believe in safe trucking. I would like to see team drivers in all livestock trucks hauling livestock that will be on a trailer over 11 hr. Truck drivers can only drive 11 hrs then must take a manditory 10 hr brake. Why is the pro slaughter side asking the American Public to foot the bill for a slaughter house program when the owners of those horses should pay to euthanize of them? I would prefer my tax dollars to be monitoring the food products that American’s eat.

      • The Texas slaughter plants were closed because of an old 1949 law that was discover the was not being enforced. They have tried to pass legislation since then to reopen TX plants and it has not passed. I am quessing it did not pass because the reps were doing what the majority of the TX citizens wanted. Ill plants were closed because the legislation to keep them open also did not pass. And legislators did what the people of their state wanted. Polls have shown for years that AMericans do not want horse slaughter in the US.

      • Daphne
        I don’t know how old you are but I am near 60 & was at the grocery store alot raising my kids in the 80’s & 90’s and never saw horse meat in the grocery store. In fact I work in grocery stores in the meat dept back then. When I became aware of horse slaughter (and yes I was a horse owner for a few decades) when I started to drive over the road I was very surprised. I asked my parents if they every heard of horse slaughter or ate horsemeat, they said no. They grew up in rural PA during the war, both from very large families. There may have been a few isolated incendents of horsemeat eating but it was not the majority of people eating it, not even close. The USDA introduced the American Public to horse & goat meat on their website back in the late 90’s and horse owners were appauled & USDA removed it. It is legal in OH to slaughter your horse. You can take your horse to a butcher to slaughter & eat it. Are you going to do that when the time comes to dispose of your horse? Just curious farmers say they eat what they raise. Or are you one of the people who say they would never send their horse to slaughter but want horse slaughter in the US and to be funded by the taxpayers?

      • yes actually i HAVE sent a horse to slaughter, he was flat out NUTS, tried to kill trainers, me, and others, he was born with a problem in his brain. Instead of being shot in the head or injection, we sent him to a slaughter house, that slaughtered him and then he was donated to 3 different areas, a vet school with his head, and 2 zoos with the rest. I don’t have a problem sending horses to slaughter IF needed. NOW my personnal riding horses NO, they will be buried on my place, because im lucky enough to have that area.
        Iam 36, have a degree in 2 different areas with horses, worked at a slaughter house for college, know all about it and how it works. The first tiem i ate horse was when i was at sugarcreek. Had a different leaner taste to it. BUT once ppl found out he was serving horse they freaked and he had to discont. it. I never said horse meat was offered in sotres, it was offered at colleges, i have someone that told me this looking up the names because i can’t rmember which ones. Horse is LIVESTOCK therefore we should be able to do what we want with it.
        Did you know that if a horse gets bute that in 15 days there is NO trace of it in the muscles. NOW if that same horse is given bute for 2 weeks everday, there will be a trace but not a few times given.
        I belive that we should have the right to send any horse to slaughter, BUT instead of being used for human food, send that horse to vets schools( a&p classes disect them)(farrier use the legs), dental uses the heads, then take what the schools don’t want and feed zoo cats, and other cat sancs.

    • no the texas slaughter houses where closed because the reps. didn’t want to pay for usda inspectors. and THERE was no american VOTE on if we want slaughter or not. 85% of the horse world WANTS slaughter back, we were NOT given the option to vote on it. we were TOLD that this is how it is gonna be withuot regards to waht will happen

    • Terry,
      You cast stones at Sugarcreek for the treatment of animals yet you openly support Waynce Pacelle and HSUS acts. What better way to expose Wayne Pacelle as a dishonest and inauthentic advocate for animals than by each of the sordid actions he is connected with.

      Connect the dots to reveal an unmistakable, deliberate, and consistent pattern to behavior that shows a disregard for animal welfare, a determination to undermine the work of progressive reformers, and the use of fraudulent and dishonest fundraising schemes.

      When Michael Vick and Wayne Pacelle recently appeared together on a radio show, Vick said his was and is “a different kind of loving dogs.” And rather than condemn Vick for it, Wayne Pacelle, the head of the proclaimed “nation’s largest animal protection organization”, agreed. He said: “obviously people who are involved in dog-fighting … they really do value the animals in certain ways.” And then, for the second time, he went on to suggest that we are all guilty. We are all “sinners.” Michael Vick continues to avoid any responsibility for his crimes by claiming shooting dogs, drowning dogs, hanging dogs alive, electrocuting dogs, beating dogs to death and watching them tear each other to shreds is his way of expressing a “different kind” of love. And Wayne Pacelle has publicly stated that that man, that monster, would make a good pet owner and thus should be given the opportunity.

      Calling Vick a Dog Fighter is not an accurate picture. Michael Vick took a dog and hung him by the neck “by placing a nylon cord over a 2 x 4 that was nailed to two trees located next to the big shed.” When the dog didn’t die, Vick put on the pair of overalls he wore when he did not want to get blood from the dogs on his expensive tailored suits, and drowned the dog in a 5 gallon bucket of water. He took a second dog that would not die from hanging and tossed the dog to the side, later hanging him again, this time until he did die. Even when some of his co-conspirators wanted to give away dogs who would not fight rather than kill them, Vick refused, stating “they got to go,” meaning the dogs needed to be killed. Vick beat dogs to death. He watched dogs drown in his swimming pool, he shot them, he electrocuted them, he buried them alive, he savagely abused them, he took great enjoyment in it, and he found it funny to watch family pets being torn apart.

      Pacelle has shown how little he appears to care for animals. Time and time again, he has taken positions that are the antithesis of what you would expect from the head of the proclaimed “nation’s largest animal protection organization”. Time and time again, he has sided with regressive and even cruel pound directors, championed the killing of dogs and cats, and worked to hinder the progress of the No Kill movement.

      Can you imagine the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence embracing wife killer O.J. Simpson as a spokesman? Can anyone imagine the National Organization to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children embracing notorious pedophile John Geoghan as a spokesman? Can anyone imagine the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network embracing rapist Josef Fritzl as a spokesman? Can you imagine Holocaust survivors embracing Josef Mengele as a spokesman? Why would anyone want Wayne Pacelle as their spokesman?
      1. Wayne Pacelle betrayed the victims of Michael Vick by lobbying to have them killed, even as he embraced their abuser, to the detriment of the animals and our cause.
      2. Wayne Pacelle supports killing of animals. In 1993, Wayne Pacelle’s group, the Fund For Animals, supported an ordinance that would have made it illegal to trap cats in Santa Cruz with two exceptions, one of which was “for proper disposal”.
      3. In 2007, while Wayne Pacelle was lobbying to have the Vick dogs killed, he was fundraising off of them by telling donors that they were caring for them, when they were not.
      4. In April of 2008, the town council of Randolph, Iowa announced a bounty, offering $5 to anyone who brought a cat to the pound. Pacelle’s handpicked Vice-President of Companion Animals at HSUS, the man who himself killed animals as the director of a pound in Florida, defended the Randolph killing, saying that HSUS doesn’t have a problem with killing stray cats, but said the money spent on the bounty would be better spent hiring someone who knows what he or she is doing.
      5. In August of 2008, the pound in Tangipahoa Parish, LA ordered the killing of every animal in their facility because a mild corona virus caused diarrhea in a handful of dogs. More than 170 dogs and cats were killed. HSUS blamed the killing on pet overpopulation and that people do not care enough about animals, thereby exonerating the pound.
      6. In February of 2009, over 150 Pit Bull-type dogs and puppies were seized from a dog fighter in Wilkes County, North Carolina. HSUS once again led the charge to have all the dogs, including the puppies born during the seizer, slaughtered over the opposition of rescue groups, dog advocates, and others.
      7. In March 2009, a San Francisco, CA Commission took up the issue of a No Kill city by considering shelter reform legislation to mandate killing animals for being “too fat,” “too old,” “too playful,” and “too shy.” Pacelle himself wrote a letter insisting on the right of “shelters” to kill animals in the face of readily available lifesaving alternatives they simply refuse to implement, arguing that pet overpopulation prevented more lifesaving, and arguing that “shelters” should not be regulated.
      8. A 2010 survey of New York State rescue groups found that 71% of them were being turned away by at least one “shelter,” and those “shelters” then turned around and killed the very animals they offered to save. Legislation to mandate collaboration which would have saved those lives at no cost to taxpayers, was not supported by HSUS. And when animal advocates tried to mandate shelter reform in Texas, HSUS helped coordinate the opposition. Wayne Pacelle’s HSUS supports California’s AB 1279 which will not save a single life. It will not save a single animal’s life. The law will not improve conditions in pounds and other killing shelters at all. And not one animal will benefit from it. In fact, it isn’t designed for the animals at all.
      9. Wayne Pacelle’s HSUS calls for a celebration called “National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week,” where we are asked to reward animal shelters and the “dedicated people” who work at them. According to the annual press release, HSUS is “the strongest advocate” for shelters. But at the same time as HSUS proclaims itself the Number 1 cheerleader for killing shelters in the country. Pacelle rarely, if ever, condemns killing shelters for neglect and abuse. In fact, quite to the contrary, Pacelle even came to the defense of Miami-Dade’s regressive director (since forced to resign) even after video surfaced showing abusive killing, with cats screaming in terror as they were put to death cruelly.
      10. Misrepresentation is a recurring pattern and deliberate part of Pacelle’s fundraising strategy. In 2005, for example, after the most devastating Hurricane in modern history, HSUS raised roughly $30,000,000 to help the animals impacted by Hurricane Katrina. HSUS spent a paltry $4,000,000 of that money on Hurricane Katrina animals in the aftermath of the devastation. And after sending the animals “rescued” by HSUS to killing shelters around the country, he declared “Mission Accomplished” and left with tens of millions which he socked away in HSUS bank accounts, earning HSUS an investigation by the Attorneys General of Mississippi and Louisiana. HSUS even claimed the 2008, MuttShack Rescue because of Hurricane Gustav, HSUS never even supported MuttShack, just showed up at the end for the photo op.

      • And a far as Michael Vick I wouldn’t care if my tax dollars housed him for the rest of his life. As a previous pit bull owner that man should still be in prison, what he did was horrific. So don’t worry I think when HSUS started supporting Vick it bit them in the A$$ as it should have.

  11. And, for those who may not know it, often the animal rights radical rescuers who remove dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, horses, farm animals, from their owners, will house those critters in conditions FAR WORSE from which they were “rescued” and feed them incorrect diets, etc. In some cases rare animals have simply died under the care of these AR rescuers, because their whole idea seems to be simply to REMOVE the animals from their owners! And, they will do it on the flimsiest of excuses…like claiming the dogs have no water, AFTER they kick over the water bowl. This has happened. Or taking cockatiels from a woman because she had ONE plucked conure (given to her). When the woman won her case in court and reclaimed the cockatiels, they had poop pyramids in the cages and the expensive ones were not to be found! Guess the local humane society just “lost them”. Why are we tolerating “rescues” by those who are unable or unfit or uncaring in regards to the animals they have taken????

    • I think that under AGR & USDA we see horrific cases of people who are pupply millers,large breeders. You can go on the USDA website and look at violations of puppymill breeders who deny vet care or have recieved a violation for preforming operations, spay/neuter for one and the dog dies. The person only gets written up. If I did that I would be charged with animals abuse and probably practicing vet care without a license. There are cases of horse breeders continuing to breed horses when the economy is down. Or backyard breeders who want to experience their animal giving birth in hopes to make some money .I understand that people are in a business to make money but it should never be at the expense of any animal suffering. There should be responsible animal ownership.

      • there is nothing wrong with horse breeders who breed to better the breed or improve their lines, IF those foals are selling. there are alot of reptuable breeders out there, NOW backyard beeders who will just bred willy nilly then yes those need help

      • But tell me Why is the horse world sending over 100,000 horses that are in the prime of their life (6 to 10) to slaughter?

  12. Now you are in my area of expertise. I have been involved and researching the horse slaughter issue for over a decade. I have FOIA’s from the USDA & OH I have personally been to all the export pens in TX & NM. I have been to the feedlot is Morton. I have personally followed a Sugarcreek livestock truck from Sugarcreek, OH to Morton, TX feedlot with horses on the truck for 34 hrs. The driver did not take his required 10hr rest period.A USDA violation. A FMCSA violation. NO livestock is aloud to be on on conveyance for over 28 hrs without being off loaded. A complaint was filed with the USDA. No AR people stopped those horses from going over the border for weeks. This just happened a few days ago. Do you think is OK to let animals go without food or water? There have been problems at those pens before with injured & sick horses. The people who are aloud to sell their horses in those conditions which violate state abuse/neglect laws should be prosecuted. It is a crime to do those things and people who do commit them are criminals. But good luck getting the Ag dept or local law enforcement to bring charges on animal abusers. And that is a problem I have personally experience in many states. Horses were going over our borders when the US slaughter plants open. The US plants were importing horses to slaughter. We had a horse slaughter plant in Ohio years ago. Horses are not regulated as food animals in our country. As a farmer are you not concerned about people eating meat that has drugs in it? Why is the EU now requiring signed statements of no drugs used on horses for the last 180 days & in the future going to require a life record of all drugs used on a slaughter horses? Why because our county does not requlate horses for slaughter. As Americans we do not raise horses for food or fiber as we do not raise our dogs or cats for countrys that eat those animals. I do not know Mr. Fields or his org. But I have been to Presidio. I spoke to a Sheriff the other day that was at the pens & he informed me he that there were dead animals & they had not had water. Anytime you want to educate yourself on the horse slaughter issue I will gladly share my hundreds of FOIA’s from the USDA. I just spoke to the head of the slaughter horse program the other day & TX dept of Agr to make them aware of the situation in Presidio.

  13. Are you saying all rescues are bad? Are you saying that there are no cases of animal abuse/neglect? Just as there are bad farmers, truckers, rescues, etc there are good ones. And you make a great point why are we seizing animals from possible criminals and not holding them accountable by law? We need stronger abuse/neglect laws. We need necessary vet care laws in all states. And yes for livestock also. The if there is a problem law enforcement can have the suspected abuser get a vet to check out the animal. Sometimes people just don’t know how to take of an animal that they got & need educated. Then law enforcement can determine if it was a case of abuse/neglect of an animal or the animal is truely sick & needs euthanized. Then rescued would not be involved as much and the owner would be held accoutable.

    • I am not saying all rescuers are bad. What I am saying is that TOO MANY have NO CLUE about the animals they are attempting to rescue, and in the process, some die. Example: Houston SPCA confiscated some birds and animals from a family taking good care of them. In the process, they killed ten birds. During the holding period, over a hundred birds and animals died…due to improper housing, exposure to diseases and in one case, an IMPROPER medical procedure performed on a healthy blue and gold macaw…which died as a result! In this case, the confiscating agency even PLANTED a dead bird in a food bowl to make the case look worse. What should be happening is that KNOWLEDGEABLE people should be involved BEFORE any confiscation takes place. Yet, one cannot even find veterinarians who will step up and testify for owners and animals because they are FEARFUL of the backlash from the animal rights radicals!!!!! What a situation!!This is what I have been told by vets in different areas.

    • Here is the problem with some law enforcements ppl, not alot of them know what abuse or neglect loooks like, AND many horse owners do NOT call a vet unless ablsoutly needed. I only call mine when I have a case of colic or more then 5 stitches needed.
      So who is to tell you that you are abusing your horse because you NOW how to handle injuries WIHTOUT a vet, OR that your horse needs to see a vet.
      A lady down the rd from me had her horse taken away because she didn’t have a shelter built for it. UNDER ohio law , shelters can be MAN MADE OR NATURE MADE. She ended up getting her horse back the next day. because the court found the law person was wrong in seizing the horse. To many ppl jump to conclusions about things like this.
      I have seen so many times where the huston spca will complain about old injuries that just drive me nuts

      • I think if a horse is a 2 or below on the henneke scale or turned up hoofs or an injury that is oozing pus it should have a vet look at it. But most of the time the horse has to be dead or down and dying to get help. And the owner gets in no trouble. You are right Ohio says shelter can be a tree with no leaves in winter. Which is fine if a horse is healthy but not if it is not.

  14. I would also like to know who the law enforcement agencies are that are seizing dogs because of a kicked over water bowl? I ask because it seems like law enforcement has mutiple calls and a dead animal before they will act. And then the owner still does not receive any real punishment.

  15. Laura the Licking co animal shelther the girl working there just takes the High dollar bird home and sells them on craigslist try to get a bird from there I have raised cage bird from six years old she told me I didn’t know how take for a bird my vet send her a letter telling her I was very good bird person she said no three days later my mom bought it off her from craigslist

    • Please put the proper agency. I would like to contact them. I contacted the licking county animal shelter & they do not even take birds.

      • Licking County Home Ward Bound Was Licking Co Humane Society They changed thier name becasue of the HSUS The young lady had blonde hair She had a apartment in Hanover were she sold bird out of then moved her place to Johnstown Ohio She stopped for a short time and now is selling in Mt.Veronon on Craigslist I called her on the carpet about it She is a bird flipper on craigslist She is also a wonderful Animal Rights person Just like most lie cheat make up what ever they want The first Bird I went to see about was a WalMat cockatiel It was at the shelter then it was one craigslist then a greencheck same thing

      • Well I am glad you called them out on that because that was wrong what she did. I do not think that the majority of AR people lie. As I have said in the past there are good & bad on both sides. Why is it that people who disagree with factory farming, confining animals in very small spaces are classified AR? I am against those things as is my spouse. But like I said my spouse eats meat, hunts and was raised on a small diary farm and we are not some crazy people or liars. My parents that are in their 80’s raised on farms in OH & PA share the same thoughts. They are not AR or liars. I have had my background check by FBI for having a hazmat endorsement on by CDL & a passport. I would not have got those if I was a crazy ratical. It seems that your side always claims people who disagree with any agr is a crazy AR. I think that type of thinking does harm to your side.

  16. Well, that story could be repeated over and over, from dogs to horses to birds and even snakes. These confiscators are looking for money and don’t care about the critters. There is a lot of evil in these “rescuers” who act so self-righteous. Owners lose their animals and some die during the process of confiscation due to stress and shock. When will the general public wake up? They just believe the stories.

  17. The American people do not approve of horse slaughter?? Since when are the opinions of the American people supposed to apply to everyone who works with any kind of animal AS LONG as the owner is not abusing that animal? Livestock is livestock and a farmer, rancher or cattleman should be able to legally dispose of an animal as they choose. This idea that Mr. and Mrs. Suburban should MONITOR the methods of those who work with animals is simply ludicrous. It makes no sense for people with NO background, No experience and NO factual knowledge of animal husbandry to stick their opinions into the situation. NO sense at all.

  18. did want to say to teeri- at harvard univercity horse meat was offered and PUT on the menu in the 80’s and 90’s. Horse meat was offered at grocery stores in the 70’s BUT not listed on the package because it was in the form of burger. So yes horse meat was used as a staple. IN WWII horse meat was a staple all the time in ppl houses and in the war because beef could not be had.

  19. Laura I think EVERY AMERICAN HAS A SAY about things that affect our county’s laws & regulations Especially if THEIR TAX DOLLARS are being used TO FUND IT. That is how the UNITED STATES works. Thousands of people who oppose horse slaughter own a horse or have owned a horse in their lifetime. So if you are trying to say that only non horse owners are opposing horse slaugter, YOU ARE WRONG.

    • This thinking is an abomination of the American constitution. The founding fathers NO DOUBT would be rolling in their graves if they were able to hear this trashy talk. The thought that just because someone doesnt approve of what another does-therefore, they have the right to push their beliefs onto others-by law if necessary-onto others-is CLEARLY not only ANTI-AMERICAN, but outright COMMUNISTIC…PERIOD!!!!! While spending of government money is one thing, DEPRIVING people of their right to freedom is completely INTOLERABLE. Just WHO do YOU think you are that you can tell me or anyone else what we can eat, or what we can do with OUR property??? I’ll tell you—NOBODY!!!! You do with YOUR horse (or livestock) what YOU want-but I (or others) have the right to do with MINE AS I SEE FIT!!!

      Communist organizers started their indoctrination plan in the 1950’s…and for those who think I’m blowing smoke-I have talked to people who were actually told this by the communist party-it is NOT some hairball paranoid scheme of mine-but a true movement to overtake this country. Obviously, they have made much progress…the antihorseslaughter and anti-livestock farming/anti-pet-animal breeding are just a couple of their elements. For those who feel for whatever twisted reason that they have the right to tell others what they can or cant do with their OWN property…YOU ARE A NOT ONLY A DISGRACE TO BE AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, BUT YOU ARE UNWITTINGLY AIDING IN THE ANTICONSTITUTIONAL INFILTRATION OF OUR GOVERNMENT…one of these days, I can only hope that something YOU cherish that is dear to YOU is taken away, and that you will be able to experience the loss of freedom that you have pathetically inflicted upon others.

      For ALL you others…WAKE-UP!!!! We HAVE to band together no matter what our lifestyle or profession to STOP this progressive violations on our rights and freedoms!!!! This sickly, twisted rational- that if you dont like what another is doing-just pass a law and outlaw it-HAS TO BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS!!! We are losing our lives because of this trash.. LETS STICK TOGETHER AND STOP THESE ANTICONSTITUTIONAL LAWS AND REGULATIONS FROM BEING FORCED ON US!!!! Call your government reps and tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH-WE DEMAND OUR RIGHTS!!!

      • po’dfarmer I have not one time on this link told anyone not to eat beef, pork or chicken. A decision to stop eating meat is personal. I do have a right to voice my feelings on matters that pertain to MY TAX DOLLARS. I am sorry you think someone is sick or a communist to want those rights.

      • Banning a perfect legitamate market for MY (our) livestock just because YOU have an emotional disagreement with the market IS VIOLATING PERSONAL FREEDOMS AND FORCING YOUR BELIEF ONTO OTHERS-PERIOD!!! Banning people who do consume horsemeat the opportunity to purchase horsemeat that has been USDA inspected-when, at the same time, other meats have been USDA inspected-Just because YOU dont think that people should eat horsemeat-IS A VIOLATION OF PERSONAL FREEDOMS AND FORCING YOUR BELIEF ONTO OTHERS!!!

        Yes, Americans can decide how to spend GOVERNMENT money-funding of the USDA inspectors included-hiring these inspectors to ONLY inspect what YOU deem worthy of food amounts to plain PREJUDICE-absolutely no different than denying a person safety because of their race….something that should NOT be tolerated.

    • BUT the american PEOPLE DIDN”T vote on horse slaughter, it was handed to us, this is how it will be and thats it. WE horse ppl have tried and tired to get congress to open their eyes, and by golly it is starting to work. THERE was NEVER a vote on to close slaughter houses for horses, NEVER, the anti slaughter ppl got their panties in a wad and ssaid it shouldn’t be, problem is now they forgot about how TERRIBLE it is for horses in Mexico where they jsut stabb them over and over again, at least here in the states they were brain dead first. and i bet you that if there was a vote horse slaughter would be BROUGHT back to the states because there aer MORE horse ppl out there that want taht option.

  20. I know is was on the Menu at Harvard back then wonder why it isn’t today? I know my parents never heard of if in the 80+ yrs of life not even during the war. In times of war or fame I am sure you would eat what ever you could. Why isn’t there a market for horsemeat today?
    I would like to see your documentation of horsemeat being added to burger.

  21. Please show me in any posts that I said I supported HSUS. I am not a fan of theirs. It is wrong to lump a people who care about animals to HSUS or some crazy AR person. Please again show me a post that I said I supported HSUS? That is the problem with agr. they want to link everyone to HSUS & Peta.
    And as far a Sugarcreek they have let horses suffer in their pens. They have $160,000.00 of fines of animal transport violations. And more violations pending. I have personally told the Sugarcreek vetat the sale, Tusc. Co. Humane Society, Sugarcreek lawenforcement, Dr. Cordess (USDA) & Dr. Forshey (OH Agr) about horses that were in bad condition. Just because you own an animal it does not give you the right to allow it to suffer.

    • thats another problem i see, ppl want to jump and blame the auction house owner, when he didn’t do that to the horses, the OWNERS did. yes leroy does have pending fines and fines he has yet to pay, BUT he offers the horses in holding pens water and hay at all times. The only places you dont’ see water or hay is the stud stalls and the individual pens. did you also know that some of the horses he buys doesn’t go to slaughter, he will send them back to his farm, or to another place to feed up and try to resell again.
      the vet at sugarcreek is there for only a few things, draw coggins, and make sure there are no broken bones or horses down(soetimes that does happen there), the Hs will not do anything, and lawenforcement will not either. So it sucks that leroy has to put up with some crap ppl throw on him , when its the owners that did that to the horses, BUT then again, the american FREEDOM is leaving because you can’t take a horse to the sale unless its PERFECT

  22. LeRoy does not have to take animals in bad condition. We have laws (not very good) that it is a crime to abuse/neglect your horse. So the owners of horses in those conditions committed crimes and are criminals. They should be held accountable not rewarded with a few hundred dollars by selling a horse in that condition. No matter who you are you need to report the crime of abuse/neglect of an animal. I know how many horses he buys & sells, it is public information.

    • Wayne Pacelle supports the killing of innocent dogs and cats all the while holding out his hand for tax payers dollars to further his cause yet where are your outrageous comments on that Terry? You condemn Baker but uphold Pacelle.

  23. Well lets get the signatures and let American’s vote. Let’s get Congress off their butts and bring the legislation to the floor for a vote.
    Very few horses go to the municipal Mexican plants that use the punta knife. Most go to the EU approved plants that use the captive bolt. You can FOIA that information from the USDA.

    In American you can still butcher & eat your horse. Are you going to eat yours when the time comes? You never did answer me.

    • if I DON’T HAVE ANYOTHER MEANS TO EAT THEN YES, but I DID ANSWER YOU AND SAY IM ONE OF THE lucky PPL THAT CAN BURY THEIR HORSES ON THEIR PROPERTY, not MANY CAN. and you are WRONG horses are NOT going to EU approved plants they are going to any plant. So you would rather them go to mexico where its NOT regulated? NICE terri very nice.

      I have a friend that butchers a horse a yr and he gives us meat, I dont’ have a problem eating horse meat, will I eat mine, problaby NOT BUT it came down to it, I would.
      IF you got america to vote, I can bet you it would PASS to have slaughter back here, because it will give the OPTION for that horse owner to do what is right. If they can’t afford to feed it have no place to BURY then slaughter should be an option for them.

      • Their are landfills that take horses. FOIA the USDA and ask them which plants in Mexico the horses go to. I have thousands of copies of Owner/Shipper papers vs10-13 forms back to 2002, Just got 400 pgs of another OH shipper in the mail today. It says on the paperwork where the horses are going. Did you not care about the few thousand horses going to Mexico or tens of thousands going to Canada before the US plants closed? If there were a market for horsemeat in the US it would be in the grocery stores.
        Where can I get that documentation of horsemeat mixed with burger in the 70’s??

    • I never said it was MIXED with burger, said it WAS placed as burger.
      My friend who gave me the info on the harvard gave me the info on the sotres.
      and I would LOVE to know what landfill takes them, cause NON in ohio will take them NONE. ZERO. NADA. they do NOT want them because it causes them PROBLEMS> ALL because stupid ppl think that a horse is a pet and should be buried. WELL DUHHHH not everyone can bury and IF that horse has been injected MOST landfills WILL NOT take them either because of the posion it puts into the land, and will damage the systems, you know kill the birds , ruin any chances of gas comeing from the trash. UNDERSTAND.

      • Right about horses not being put in landfills…same goes for dogs and cats that are euthanized. It is a hazard to the environment and to wildlife to put euthanized animals into the landfills! For instance, cattle that have been treated with drugs in India and other countries and then die and their bodies consumed by vultures, the vultures die of kidney failure. Millions of native vultures in India have died and one species is almost extinct due to consuming dead cattle treated with drugs.

      • Please explaing what you mean by placed as burger?
        Well Kimballs landfill in Sugarcreek will take horses or animals that have been euthanized by a vet eith drugs. Here is their # 330-343-1226. I have a friend in Cinn, OH that put her horse down & she sent it to a landfill. I have hauled trash in the state of OH and there is all kinds of stuff in the dump, like hosptial waste. Landfills do not leave the animals or other trash laying out in the open. They have laws to follow they must cover the waste that is dumped. You can also call the OH Dept of Agr and they can refer you to someone that can help you dispose of your horse.

      • you know like ground burger.
        and dude i live in SOUTHERN OHIO, and hr from 2 of the largest landfills(rumpke has both of them) and when i talked to the person in charge, they WILL ONLY take animals that have NOT been INJECTED. They will take them IF they have been shot, or captive bolt but NO chemicals

      • Can you ask your friend what state and stores carried horsemeat? I would like to check that out. I would need to verify that as I only believe facts/documentation not heresay. States that have laws on their books not banning the sale of horses clearly state that it must say horsemeat on the package. I started buying groceries in 1971 I never saw in the meat dept. Some parts of Canada eat it and it is their stores. Are you in the eastern/central or western part of the southern Ohio? I would try to find you a disposal place although you said you were going to bury or eat your horse if you were starving.

  24. I have never said anything upholding HSUS. Please show me a post that I did. They do not get my money & when someone tells me they are thinking of donating to them I tell to donate to a local rescue near their home. To research the rescue to be sure that they want to support it. I also tell them that HSUS does not give to local resues.
    I support different rescues in OH in counties surrounding mine.

  25. As for the so called animal rescues Its just a bunch of bull you adopt a Child you buy a dog or cat People call and say they want to adopt a animal I am selling It make me so Ps off I sell animal I don’t adopt that is what children’s service’s doe’s ADOPT People act like they are human they are animals God put them on this Earth for us to Eat Wear and make pets if we so choose The problem is HSUS and it Sister PETA, Mercy for Animals and HSUS’s other family members don’t want us to have any animal We as animal owners need to go to Columbus every time there is a meeting and let them know how we feel get off our butts and move are feet let the Governor know we what them out of our state He is the one that said LESS GOVERMENT MORE JOBS FOR OHIO MAKE HIM POINT IS FINGER AT THE AR’S AND PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE MAKE HIM UNDERSTAND THEY ARE KILLING OHIO JOBS

  26. Vegan…Cats?

    Last year HSUS unveiled a brand of vegetarian dog food called “Humane Choice,” to much derision. It’s one thing for HSUS to promote meat-free or vegan diets to people, but asking people to force it on Rover is another matter. The idea of meat-free dogs also faced a bit of professional skepticism.

    On Tuesday the Toronto Sun reported that the notorious wingnuts at PETA—an HSUS ally in the push for animal rights—are now pushing for cats to go vegan. That’s certainly odd—cats are obligate carnivores, after all.

    The Sun dialed up HSUS for its take on PETA’s attempts to get cats to “go veg.” Fortunately, an HSUS representative panned the idea, telling the paper that “I hope this is not a trend, or we will be seeing a lot of sick cats. It is not appropriate to feed cats a vegan diet.” (This is one of the few times we’ve seen HSUS and PETA disagree on something.)

    It’s refreshing to see HSUS take a sane approach. But (and there always seems to be a “but” with HSUS), an HSUS representative appeared to take a different line regarding vegan cats just a few weeks ago at HSUS’s annual “Taking Action for Animals” conference.

  27. Right from HSUS’s Web site some of thier goals But Note Dog fighting is ok for MIKE VIC

    We confront national and global cruelties through major campaigns targeting the barbaric practices of dogfighting and cockfighting; abusive puppy mills where dogs are treated not like family but like production machines; the worst cruelties of factory farming in modern agribusiness such as confinement of animals in crates and cages; inhumane and unsporting hunting practices such as “canned hunts” of captive exotic animals; the slaughter of American horses for export to foreign countries where horsemeat is considered a delicacy; and the clubbing of baby seals and other animals for the commercial fur trade. Our track record of effectiveness has led to meaningful victories for animals in Congress, state legislatures, courtrooms and corporate boardrooms.

    • Is that what you do call HSUS? I think most people talk to their vet about disposable of their cat & dog when they have to euthanize them. I have mine cremated.

  28. If you ask any vet forth a darn, they will inform you that a vegan diet will kill a cat or a dog,maybe this is what PETA and HSUS is pushing for. people can not live off a vegan diet and be healthy eighther that is why so many vagans have to take supplement everyday and some go so far as to have injections, this is not normal. Landfills do not accept animals that have been put down with chemicals! Slaughter plants for horses can be made humane can be regulated, chemical withdraw fro horses is 72 hours for any chemical,this is straight from the vets mouth.Slaughter is better then starvation but if HSUS,PETA and these other vegan ar groups have thier way horses will no longer exist. These groups got the plants shut down in 2007 and did not care what the future would hold for the horses and thier owners,we now see what has happened. These groups now want to stop transportation for slaughter to mexico and Canada, this will only cause more problems for the horses and thier owners.What realy gets me is I don’t see any of these groups takeing care of any of these animals, they enforce thier laws pass the bills then walk away for everyone else to deal with the mess they have caused.

    • Kimballs land fill in Sugarcreek takes animals euthanized by a vet. 330-343-1226 just pick up the phone & dial the number to find out you are wrong.
      The EU requires a 180day signed paper that horses have not been administered certain drugs. If the horse has been given bute it can never go to slaughter per EU regs.

      In 2013 the EU will require a medical history for the life of a horse before it can be slaughter.

      There are many groups that step up take on the responsiblity of animals for irresponsible owners.
      Do a little research.

  29. Did you know that BUTE is NOT found in a horse that has been given bute it DOES NOT show up in the meat you would use for food. It has been proven(i will have to find the link) that bute given to a horse over a period of time will not be shown up in the MEAT that you would use for food.
    And just because a owner wants to send its DANGEROUS, crazy, can’t feed it any more, can’t afford to keep it anymore to slaughter does NOT make them irresponsible.

  30. Terry, those groups do not take any responsability for the animals, the rely on donations for that.it is not thier money they are useing for the care and feeding of the animals they take in!I think if OHIO like passing animal care bills so much they need to pass some bills on the rescues around here.These equine rescues and others in many other states need some rules and regulation put on them.I’am tired of these rescues useing donated money to feed thier personal stock and to pay thier property notes off,tired of them takeing in too many horses when they don’t have room,and tired of them asking 750.00 to adopt out a horse then say they have the right to come get the horse anytime they want for what ever reason, then they turn around adopt out the same horse to some other poor sucker and do the same to them. This knid of crap needs to stop, they need rules and regulations.

    • There are many good rescues out there. You do not have to give money to them if you choose not too. Many people choose to donate. It is the responiblity of the donor to research the org. to to be sure they are reputable.

    • okiestorm1 you are right about the rescues. The laws put in place excuse them from meeting ANY of the husbandry standards that animal owners must meet. This was done in the time period when rescues and shelters were decent and honest, and some still are. BUT…there are others that USE seizures and confiscations to STEAL animals of all types and then SELL (they call it adopt) them. It is time to change some of the laws in many states so this cannot continue. We have officials seizing everything from reptiles to rabbits, from dogs to horses, and I expect to see dairy cows and cattle taken one day soon. This is all because the animal rights cults have propagandized the public so well that the public believe everything these animal rights individuals and groups allege…Time to talk to legislators about making some serious changes to the laws to require ALL rescues, shelters, and animal control facilities to adhere to the same standards of care and housing as expected of animal owners.

      • Laura, I have no problem with rescues having to abide by animal husbandy laws. They abide by the same rules as owners. I know of no different set of animal husbandy laws that they abide by than any other person. Can you tell which laws are different? Lets get stricter laws for everyone. No rescue can seize and animal without law enforcement and a court order. I have called a few times on emaciated horses & could not get anyone to do anything. Many times you read in the paper about animals being found dead on someones property and that law enforcement & agencies had be call prior to the death of the animal. But law enforcement chose not to do their job and enforce the cruelty laws. There are alot more good rescues than bad. The majority of the AMerican public believe in humane animal care & would like stronger laws for abuse/neglect for criminals who commit those crimes. When you call groups AR cults or other names you only loose credibilty for yourself and your arguements. No matter which side of the issue people are on we should agree that it is wrong to abuse/neglect any animal and that it is wrong and that the person should be held accountable.

      • BUT WHO is to say what shelter is deemed correct, ored correct? a three sided shelter may just fine in some eyes, but in some extreme AR’s is not. Just like some ar’s hate the idea of a show horse in a stall with limited turn out, but they do NOT understand why and they refuse to learn.
        and stricker laws? just because one finds a dead animal in the field doesn’t mean that they abused said animal, in my county at many of the farms you will find a bone pile, these consist of cows that have died during calving, died of some cause, sheep, maybe even a horse or two. BUT because of the HSUS and the AR’s farmers get introuble becuase they didn’t BURY that animal or call a vet, MOST of these farmers do their own vet work. Take me for example, I can palpate a horse, give shots, stitch an area, etc. The only time i call a vet is when i despestly need them. So you really can’t call all that may have a dead animal a neglector.

      • I am an OHIO REINS volunteer, I know all about the livestock care standards. which means I get all the good stuff before the public does. Which state, any shelter either man made or nature made will work. BUT my point is this, if you drive by a farm and see NO shelter you instantly call animal control or whoever because no shelter, ppl get warned to build something, WHEN IN fact they DO NOT a barn. Care standards state shelters can be just TREES and nothing else. BUT if you try to change the laws then problems start to happen.

  31. Update on the holding pens in TEXAS, those horses showed up that was, they were not starved and left without water in those pens.I have been around alot of stockyards in my life and I mean real stockyards with cattle and horses being held for slaughter and never have I seen any of them not have hay and water for the animals.There no cattle at those pens either only horses, this is info comes from the sheriff dealing with the AR mess and the lies they are spreading.

    • Yes some horses horses showed up in very bad condition and some endend up that way after arrival. Why are horses showing up emaciated & dying? Proof that horse slaughter promotes abuse & neglect. The owner that sold the horse to slaughter violated state abuse & neglect laws. And instead of being charged with the crime they were rewarded with a few hundred dollars. A criminal got away with a ctime & slaughter disposed of the evidence. We need strong abuse/neglect laws & law enforcememts that will do their job of enforcing the laws.
      Their is more to the TX pens story that will come out. There is a few agencies involved down there. You would be very surprised as to who is the main complainer down there.

      • no that owner of said horse DIDN”T violate anything. that owner prob. CAN”T afford to feed said horse anymore, thus the reason for the sale barn. NOT all rescues will take in horses, NOT all vets will put heathy horses down, NOT everyone can afford to bury or dispose of horses, selling them is an option, BUT it will NOT be if ppl don’t stop this crap about “you buy ah orse you buy it for life” junk.
        Not everyone keeps a horse for life, not everyone buys a horse for life. If they can’t afford it then the sale barn it needs to go. IF that horse is skinny then the sale barn is the best place for it. there are a few resecues in my area, guess what they are TURNING away horses, WHY because they are so darn full.
        you terri stated “Proof that horse slaughter promotes abuse & neglect. “… with all the horses coming into the sale barns SKINNY jsut PROVES the different. BY closing the slaughter houses DOWN, there are MORE horses being abused and neglected, before the houses were closed the resecuse were NOT turning horses away, NOW they are because there are TO MANY unwanted horses out there.

      • Show the abuse/neglect police reports to support your claims of more horses in that situation. Those stats have never been recorded. And just as many horses are still going to slaughter so your statement that closing the plants causes more horses to be abused or neglected makes no sense. Horse rescues along with dog & cat rescues turn animals away because of to many people not being responsible animals owners. They have been full for years.
        We cannot slaughter our way out of abuse/neglect of horses. Are you saying that if the horse industry does not have slaughter they will abuse/neglect their horses? Are you saying the horse industry will become criminals if they do not have horse slaughter?
        I have seen people pull in and drop of their horses at a sale barn driving a big fancy pickup pulling a nice horse trailer with sleeping quarters. They can’t afford the horse or they have to many horses. My parents taught me to live within my means and to be a responsible animal owner. Thanks Mom & Dad!

    • you said you seen someone drive up with a fancy rig and drop horses off. NOT every one keeps a horse for life, they could afford it, maybe that horse didn’t fit their needs anymore. You do understand that don’t ya. At one time I owned 11 horses. I sold 2 because they were no longer in the same area I was. I got out of pleasure horses , so i sold that horse, and i sold a barrel horse that was no longer fast enough for me. PEOPLE sell horses all the time, doesn’t mean they can afford them or have to many, it simply means they do not have any more use for that horse, ( no longer riding that displine, outgrew said horse, etc. )
      You JUMP to conclusions to dam fast about why some horses are at the sale barn or not. Did you happen to think maybe there was NO big sale for them to go to. In my area the big horse sale barn stopped its sales, so in order to sell the horse you have to either take it to a sale barn, OR wait to see if another sale pops up.

      • First I don’t know why anyone would need 11 horses. You must have a very good job to just feed & give proper vet care for 11 horses. People could set a price for their horse above the slaughter price. They could no sale it if they don’t get it. The Morton, TX feedlot mgr. said anything over $250 cuts into the Kill buyers price. You evindentally have the internet so that is a way to advertise your horse you don’t just need a horse auction. And people who send there horse to a know slaughter auction ( Sugarcreek being one) know the chances are very high the horse will go to kill.
        But if you are going to send them to kill make sure you keep accurate medical records. 2013 a horse will need a medical history for it whole life.
        Did you read the EU report about horses slaughtered for humane consumption testing postive for drugs?

      • i have 8 right now. A 7yr old barrel horse, a 7yr old roping horse, 2-3yr old, both are in training, one is for my son( will be trained to rope and run abrrels, the other is my hubys filly , 13 yr old contest pony for my 11 yr old daughter, my english pleasure stallion, a yearling that was bred to replace my daughters 9yr old that was lost to colic, and my hubbys mounted shooting gelding. see all of our horses are used for something. Will be breeding my 7yr old barrel horse next yr so I can have a second or back up barrel horse. I do all of my own vet care, (shots, fecals, etc.) i have a farrier that is only 20 dollars for a trim, and 25 for floating teeth, I can palpate mares, give injections. The only time i call the vet is if I desperatly need them. (and before you say anything, the mare i lost to colic was put down on the vet surgery table due to a ruptured stomach)(she ruptured while on the table)

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