Saturday, February 13, 2016

The first shot from a new rifle is always a lesson in feel, sound, and result.

They are the sparkle in a hunter’s eye, possible the only reason he or she hunts. The topic of conversation at every gathering. They...

By MIKE TONTIMONIAAlthough Ohio has but one major natural lake, the Buckeye ranks high in recreational boating. Of course that one major lake is...

Neither outfitted DIY or guided game hunts promise success. If they do, be cautious.

Recently adopted regulations in Ohio will now allow the use of a wide variety of guns in addition to the traditional shotguns, handguns and muzzle loaders

Uninformed opponents to fact-based wildlife management are becoming better funded and more vocal in their determination to thwart proven conservation practices and controlled hunting as management tools.

Meet pro walleye angler Steve Baylor, a guy, one would think, who would rely on a box full of every kind of lure ever...

New proposals could change bag limits, legal hunting guns.

Cold winter of 2013-2014 could bring some surprises for fishing season.

According to experienced shed hunters both antlers are often dropped within yards of each other and pairs of antlers can match up with antlers from the same animal year after year.
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