Tuesday, March 2, 2021
fishing rod

This is the part of the fishing season when top-water lures reign supreme.

Remember fluorocarbon? Yep, it is a preferred fishing line of the present and future and here’s why.

A pound of cotton socks weights the same as a pound of sharp knife. You need to pare down your duffle so what do...
fishing pole

The Ohio record state record fish list continues to be challenged as potential record fish are submitted by skilled and/or lucky anglers.

The following is from notes scribbled recently concerning a road trip to Devils Lake, North Dakota.

I give thanks for the opportunity to rub elbows with the Ralph Kohlers of the world.
black bear

Spring hunts for Ontario black bears are finally back on the calendar during a five-year pilot period.

After months of hearing yes, no and maybe from wildlife officials, this year’s deer hunting regs, as well as those for all hunting and...

Build it and they will come may have worked like a charm for the big screen dreamer who built a baseball diamond in his...

The story is simple enough; your local Gander Mountain store is soon to disappear just like the wild turkey you missed the other day — gone for good.