Thursday, November 26, 2020

The coming summer's Lake Erie rod and reel fishing forecast may be even less enthusiastic than those of recent years. At least the numbers...

Summer cabin in Canada was the place to be.

Geckos were displaced in Florida from more equatorial regions by hitch-hiking on ships that traded in the region.

Tree stand safety can't be stressed enough. Several online sources offer suggestions, so do instructions and disclaimers that come with every new climber, ladder stand, and strap-on stand.

Anglers competing in the Lake Erie Walleye Fall Brawl had the most luck towards the end of November.

According to figures just released by the Ohio Division of Wildlife, hunters killed 21,064 deer during the two day bonus weekend gun season held...
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Mike Tontimonia provides a quick look at the 2020 Ohio Walleye Federation schedule.
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The Student Fishing League is in its sixth year. Last year, 35 young anglers from 14 different schools and four states competed for several awards.

Sightings in 2014 involved 88 individual black bears, up from 74 in 2013.

Rebuilding habitat may be the key to bringing the bobwhite quail back to Ohio.