Tuesday, February 20, 2024

No harvested grain fields, no crummy weather, and even worse, no ducks. Yeh, I know, we should have called first.

Sightings in 2014 involved 88 individual black bears, up from 74 in 2013.
fishing rod

In front of every Ohio fisherman is a copy of the 2016 Fishing Regulations (or it should be), so we all need to do our homework.

In the distant past, hunters could be blamed for discouraging new hunters or at least failing to encourage participation, reasoning that more people in...
Pumping gas

Knowing your conversions can save you money, and is good for everyday life.
duck decoy

Old decoys represent hunters past, they attract hunters present, and they promise good hunting in days ahead.

It's time to put boats away for the winter. Doing it right will help your vessel last for extra years. Use these quick tips to winterize your boat.

The stiff stems of the mowed hay field were as brittle as the business end of a straw broom and each step produced an...

Last week, I wrote about Ralph Kohler, a lifelong waterfowl hunter who continues to host paying guests at his Missouri River pit blinds, something...
fishing boat

Starting Jan. 18 is the highly anticipated Cleveland Boat Show. This is a four-day showcase of sale-priced boats and all things associated with boating.