Sunday, March 26, 2017

The least of farmers' concerns on the road should be being pulled over by a cop. Instead, they should worry about the potential for civil lawsuits.

Canadian Food Inpsection Agency set to slaughter 19 million birds, although it is possible a significant number of them do not have the flu.

Reader disputes last week's writer who said Judith Sutherland is a victim of lying ancestors.

Dairy experts skeptical about just how much CWT contributed to the increase in milk prices.

Project could be first new generation cooperative formed in Ohio.

The U.S. inventory of all hogs and pigs March 1 was up 2 percent from last year but 2 percent below December's numbers.

Processor consolidation and rising retail influence has changed the ag ball game.

Penn State alternative ag entrepreneur program may benefit some small farmers.

Grain buyer says the disadvantage to building a plant in Ohio is the high-priced corn.

In this week's commentary, Editor Susan Crowell comments on Wal-Mart's overwhelming influence.
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