Sunday, June 4, 2023
a blue tractor moves across a field of green, mowing hay

Soil and plant tissue test results show no contamination from a fire and chemical burnoff that followed a massive train derailment in East Palestine. So, area farmers are moving on after months of unknowns.
If starting a Freedge in your community, ensure that it is engaging and decorative.Credit: The Freedge Movement

The Freedge aims to reduce food insecurity and food waste in communities all over the world. The movement promotes equal access to healthy food through public refrigerators that are used to share fresh food, fruits and vegetable. The movement is relatively new with the first community fridges appearing in 2016 in Europe. It became a worldwide effort and the movement has grown rapidly in recent years because of the pandemic, with over 1,000 community fridges operating in Europe, Canada and the United States.
The front end of the BeBot which sifts through sand and picks up debris has a camera inside the cage area so a single person can monitor its progress. Photo taken on May 18 at Hinckley Lake Reservation.Credit: Nella Citino

Recently, two trash removal devices were purchased to fight against plastics, small pieces of contaminants, and general litter in Lake Erie. One is for the water, and the other is for the sand. The robots are efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly, and they are a valuable tool for cleaning up the lake and other waterways.

If rural hospitals like the ones Dr. Beth Piccione oversees in Lawrence and Mercer counties aren’t supported, vulnerable people won’t be just inconvenienced, “they’ll be in dire straits.”
dave brandt, a guru in no-till farming practices, stands wearing blue jean bib overalls in a field of sunflowers

Brandt, of Carroll, Ohio, a national leader in regenerative farming practices, died May 21 from injuries sustained in a car crash May 18 in Illinois.

Michael Curtis used GPS location tools to map the arboretum, matching individual trees to the corresponding memorial plaques.
whole milk jug

How much milkfat is in whole milk? Many people don't know. The Pennsylvania Department of Ag just issued some guidance that could help clear that up.
Fulton County farm

Thomas A. Herr, Jr. and Jennifer M. Herr in Fulton County have become the sixth Ohio farm owners to join the Farmland Preservation Program this year.
horses eating hay

URBANA, Ill. — It’s something you wouldn’t believe could happen unless you saw it. You walk out to the barn in the morning and...
notebook and pen

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