Saturday, May 28, 2016

USDA production forecast complicates predictions for cattle prices the remainder of 2003.

The recent deaths of horses infected with the infectious equine herpesvirus rhinopneumonitis continues to scare horse owners.

Although America's attention is focused on Iraq, agriculture should be keeping a close eye on the developments with North Korea.

A Marconi 106C brought $20,000 at an auction by Richard Estesin Burbank, Ohio.

Weaver Child Development Center in Canton, Ohio, is accepting registration for fall programs.

In a surprise presentation, Kent, Ohio, farmer Wayne Biltz was awarded Portage County's top dairyman award.

Gary Fogle, former owner of Barnesville Livestock Sales Co., was ordered to pay money owed to livestock consignors and to stop using sale funds for personal use.

The two-day seminar is to help dairy producers learn to market their milk at profitable prices.

City-raised Cormac Irwin is 'clicking along' as part of a five-man dairy partnership in Holmes County.

The March 18 workshop will explain who is eligible for up to $500,000.
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