Celebrity wedding survival guide

Traditionalists who believe that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman are undoubtedly heartened by the knowledge that America’s reigning queen of overexposed celebrity, Jennifer Lopez, walked down the aisle this summer for the third time.
No, not the third time this summer, although with J. Lo you can certainly see how a misunderstanding like that could happen.
The self-proclaimed “Jenny from the Block” has been around this particular block more than a few times.
Like J. Lo., millions of young ladies dream the storybook dream of donning the wedding train, although I think it safe to say that your average bride probably doesn’t intend for her wedding train to make quite so many stops.
Details. Attentive to the importance of getting every last detail just right when planning a wedding, just days prior to the nuptials, groom-to-be Marc Anthony flew to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce from his ex-wife.
This would be the mother of his children to whom he renewed his vows and pledged his undying love on the E! network and the pages of People magazine just a year ago.
Hey, things change, right?
This just begs us to paraphrase an old country song: If she wants a man who will take the ring off of his hand and then turn around and say that he’ll be true –

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