Sunday, December 4, 2022
Kym Seabolt's goat

As an amateur goat wrangler with years of experience, Kym Seabolt offers up her primer on the care and keeping of flight-risk livestock.
prairie flowers

Moving to a rural place, engaging with the seasons, the animals under her care, the weather, and the land have all helped Eliza Blue feel more harmonious.
seabolt soccer team

Kym Seabolt reminds the too-intense sports parents: "We are, God willing, raising future adults. It is up to us as a society to model civilized behavior."

Kym Seabolt shares her experience in isolation with COVID.

After her mother experiences a health scare, Kym Seabolt pauses to take stock of the circumstances and how fortunate she has been.

Kym Seabolt shares the childhood lies her mother told her.

Every small-town parade feels so big-hearted.
Matt left home phone notification

Kym Seabolt chokes back tears as her oldest child returns home to empty his room and retrieve most of his things to furnish his new home.
pen and paper

Kym Seabolt feels continually blessed to do what she loves with those she loves, and she prays that all of her readers are too.
Vintage China

As Kym Seabolt's children search for the perfect furniture to fill their homes, she is reminded that a comfortable home is not only trendy but timeless.