Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Kymberly Foster Seabolt highlights all the reasons rural "flyover country" is wonderful, and calls for an end to state hate.

Kym Seabolt digs into the logic behind exotic pet ownership and it's costs to the environment when these pets are released into it.

How well have Northerners been handling the recent heat wave? Kym Seabolt weighs in on how the recent heat wave has been received.

In a blink, Kym Seabolt has found herself faced with saying goodbye to her last living grandparent, "Granny."

Kym Seabolt weighs in on a string of disasters that have rocked her small Appalachian town.
kitchen house area

Columnist Kymberly Seabolt reflects on home renovations past and how styles always come back around.
smokey trees

Kym Seabolt shares her thoughts surrounding the recent wildfires in Canada and the smokey fallout that wafted down into the northern United States.

Kym Seabolt absolutely loves her little dogs and her tiny granddogs. She delights in all of their little dog qualities.
Washing Machine Control

Doing the laundry never seemed like rocket science until the washing machines, detergent and everything else that goes with it got more complicated.
Cherry Street Now and Then

Kym Seabolt and her mother traveled to Findlay, Ohio, to find the homes of ancestors long gone.