Monroe County Junior Fair livestock auction results

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Sale Total: $231,945.55


Grand champion: Kordell Antill
Bid: $2.50/pound Weight: 1,326 pounds
Buyer: Barnesville Livestock

Reserve champion: Amy Swallow
Bid: $2.25/pound Weight: 1,393 pounds
Buyer: Howell’s Oil and Gas

Junior showmanship: Ryan Smith
Intermediate showmanship: Kordell Antill
Senior showmanship: Nicole Huffman
County Beef Showmanship: Amy Swallow


Grand champion: Stephanie Brown
Bid: $6.25/pound Weight: 268 pounds
Buyer: Modern Hardware

Reserve champion: Jacob Williams
Bid: $4.35/pound Weight: 271 pounds
Buyer: Shelly and Sands

Junior showmanship: Caitlyne Arden
Intermediate showmanship: Evan Blackstone
Senior showmanship: Hillary Wilson
County Hog Showmanship: Hillary Wilson


Grand champion: Jared Taylor
Bid: $9/pound Weight: 124 pounds
Buyer: People’s Bank of New Matamoras
and Profit Energy Co.

Reserve champion: Jacob Kreider
Bid: $8/pound Weight: 121 pounds
Buyer: Judge Julie and Daniel Selmon

Junior showmanship: Jared Taylor
Senior showmanship: Kim Lafferre
County Lamb Showmanship: Caleb Westfall


Grand champion: Jerrar Hamilton
Bid: $1,500/head
Buyer: Profit Energy Co.

Reserve champion: Caleb Westfall
Bid: $950/head
Buyer: Judge Julie and Daniel Selmon

Junior showmanship: Brittany Hooper
Intermediate showmanship: Trisha Eikleberry
Senior showmanship: Tracy Eikleberry
County Goat Showmanship: Tracy Richter


Grand champion: Jimmy Stimpert
Bid: $4.15/pound Weight: 593 pounds
Buyer: Gary A Rubel Inc.

Reserve champion: Joshua Stewart
Bid: $3.75/pound Weight: 349 pounds
Buyer: Ormet

Junior showmanship: Tyler Zimmer
Intermediate showmanship: Kelsey Parks
Senior showmanship: Alex Smithberger
County Dairy Feeder Showmanship: Alex Smithberger


Grand champion: Kayla Logston
Bid: $4/pound Weight: 573 pounds
Buyer: Lewisville Hardware

Reserve champion: Ciara Smith
Bid: $3.70/pound Weight: 480 pounds
Buyer: Ormet


Grand champion: Amy Swallow
Bid: $3.75/pound Weight: 485 pounds
Buyer: Sutherland Valley Farms

Reserve champion: Tate Christman
Bid: $2.30/pound Weight: 582 pounds
Buyer: Maury Equipment


Grand champion: Jamie Majors
Bid: $1,000/head
Buyer: Woodsfield Family Care

Reserve champion: Dylan Hamilton
Bid: $450/head
Buyer: F.W. Schumacher Insurance

Junior showmanship: Shelby Wilson
Intermediate showmanship: Amy Zimmer
Senior showmanship: Hogan Hamilton
County Rabbit Showmanship: Nicole Gallagher


Grand champion: Shea Groves
Bid: $1,500/pen
Buyer: KFC/Taco Bell of Woodsfield

Reserve champion: Cammie Groves
Bid: $700/pen
Buyer: Bunting Concessions

Junior showmanship: Tabby Truax
Senior showmanship: Ashlyn Grose
County Poultry Showmanship: Ashlyn Grose

Junior Fair Royalty:
King: Flint Postle
Queen: Jaymi Smith
Prince: Aaron West
Princess: Grace Stephen

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