Wayne County honors top managed dairy herds

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SMITHVILLE, Ohio — Over the years, the Wayne County Dairy Service Unit has recognized the county’s outstanding milk producers during its annual banquet. This year, they also recognized the county’s best-managed dairy farms during the annual banquet at The Barn Restaurant.

Management emphasis

Matt Kauffman, a member of the Dairy Service Unit Board, said the Outstanding Herd Management award was based on production and reproduction.

Kauffman said the board reviewed 68 Holstein herds ranging in size for 46 cows to 700 cows. They plan to add Jerseys next year.

The award was broken down into production groups, based on energy corrected milk, with a point system based on the herd’s improved production and reproduction from the previous year, including the herd’s calving interval, days to first service, conception rates, heat detection, age at first calving.

First award winners

Gregg Troyer was the overall winner of the Outstanding Herd Management award for 2013.

Rounding out the top five herds were Russell and Marilyn Hasseman, Workinger Farms, William Farriss and Steffen Farm.

Herd production

The Dairy Service Unit recognized several Wayne County dairy producers for their top cows and herds.

Sharo-Dan Farm was recognized as the county’s top 2X Holstein herd with 28,568 pounds of energy corrected milk, 983 pounds of fat and 872 pounds of protein. The farm was also recognized as the top 2X mixed herd with 27,508 pounds of energy corrected milk, 961 pounds of fat and 848 pounds of protein.

Steinhurst Farm was recognized for the county’s top 3X Holstein herd, with 30,208 pounds of energy corrected milk, 1,000 pounds of fat and 924 pounds of protein.Steinhurst Farm also had the top Holstein cow with 41,117 pounds of energy corrected milk, 1,476 pounds of fat and 1,102 pounds of protein.

Colored breeds

Contender/Grazeland Acres was recognized as the county’s top 2X Jersey herd and had the top Jersey cow. Their herd produced 23,536 pounds of energy corrected milk, 918 pounds of fat and 688 pounds of protein.

They also had the top Jersey cow for the county with a completed a record of 32,515 pounds of energy corrected milk, 1371 pounds of fat and 907 pounds of protein.

Ro-La-Sue Farm had the top Ayrshire herd in the county with 19,856 pounds of energy corrected milk, 761 pounds of fat and 564 pounds of protein.

Rick and Judy Wolf had the top Ayrshire cow with 27,810 pounds of energy corrected milk, 1031 pounds of fat and 777 pounds of protein.

Gary Dotterer had the top Brown Swiss 3X herd with 23,148 pounds of energy corrected milk, 843 pounds of fat and 712 pounds of protein. Dotterer was recognized as the top 3X mixed herd with 23,156 pounds of energy corrected milk, 888 pounds of fat and 780 pounds of protein and he also had the top mixed breed cow with 35,573 pounds of energy corrected milk, 1,372 pounds of fat and 999 pounds of protein.

Brook Hollow Farm had the top Brown Swiss 2X herd with 27,962 pounds of energy corrected milk, 1,241 pounds of fat and 955 pounds of protein and the top Brown Swiss cow with 48,867 pounds of energy corrected milk, 2,218 pounds of fat and 1,096 pounds of protein.

Carlton Zimmerman had the top Guernsey with 26,667 pounds of energy corrected milk, 1,037 pounds of fat and 741 pounds of protein.

Quality, lifetime milk

The top herds in the county for low somatic cell counts were Ro-La-Sue Farm, Pine Tree Dairy Farm, Brad Carter and Trent Neuenschwander, and Sunny Slope Dairy Farm.

High lifetime production awards went to Ben Ali Holsteins and Jerseys, Carmony Farms, Jiman Farms, Miley Holsteins, Wenger Farms, RMD Dairy Farm, Frankenberg Farms, ToppGlenn Holsteins and Spring-Run Farm.

Elected to serve on the Wayne County Dairy Service Unit board were Will Mengel, Rod Scheibe, and Jon Miley.

Promotion update

Scott Higgins gave an update on ADA-Mideast programs, saying the challenge for the industry is the decline in fluid milk sales as consumers reach toward alternative beverages.

Higgins said processors are working on finding new products to meet consumers’ demand, and said the association is working to educate school officials on the importance of dairy as a source of protein in the school lunch program.

Higgins also reported that the Ohio Dairy Farmers series has been well received. The campaign educates consumers on how Ohio dairy producers care for their animals and produce a quality product.

It was announced the county’s 2013 Dairy Twilight Tour would be held at Ro-La-Sue Dairy Farm, owned by Gene and Rod Scheibe and family, of Wooster, on July 18.

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