Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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An antiquated regulation on milk freshness labeling is holding back the Pennsylvania dairy industry, state lawmakers say. Right now, milk processed in Pennsylvania must be labeled with a “sell by” date of 17 days from the date of pasteurization

Organic Valley is partnering with Clean Energy Credit Union to launch the Powering the Good Loan Fund. The program will provide the favorable loan terms for farmers seeking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels with renewable energy systems and efficiency upgrades.

Organic Valley is testing out new technology using satellite imagery to measure pasture health with 22 farms, including five in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Bills regarding agritourism liability protection and milk haulers in weather emergencies both recently passed the Pennsylvania state House.

Dianne Shoemaker offers a look at dairy farm margins in 2019 compared to 2020, and advice on how to improve margins on your dairy farm.

The launch of the Creamery at Pleasant Lane Farms in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, can’t be told without talking about the pandemic.

A fun spin on a A Visit from St. Nicholas, from a farmer's point of view, brought to you by Ohio State University Extension Dairy Working Group.

It was Rebecca and JP Oravets' dream to show that a small scale dairy farm could work. But living the dream was burning them out.

The Andreases got out of the dairy business this year, after more than 50 years of milking cows on their farm in Tuscarawas County.

The Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board created a form letter farmers can use to respond to Dean Foods bankruptcy claims they recently received in the mail.