Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Bryce Angell crafts a poem about the nights and mornings spent in the barn milking cows.

Ohio State Extension educator Jason Hartschuh explores how to modernize milk prices and recognize industry changes through the federal order system.

Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding proposed that retailers collect the entire premium at the point-of-sale, instead of the premium being collected through a wholesale minimum price build-up. This would allow a more equitable distribution of the premium to all dairy farmers in the state, he said.

Better with butterIf you’ve spent time on social media, more than likely you’ve seen a butter board pop up on your feed. It’s a trend...

The Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board extended the $1 per hundredweight premium for six months starting Jan. 1, saying it needed more time to consider a change to the over-order premium system.

Kibler Dairy Farms won the 2022 National Dairy FARM program Excellence award in Environmental Stewardship because of the humble way they manage their farm.

Whether the over-order premium still works as intended or is still needed at all has been a hotly debated topic among Pennsylvania dairy farmers for years. 

Simple maintenance, periodic upgrades and cleanliness can help farmers make their dairy farms more attractive when switching milk markets.

The USDA's annual report on per-capita U.S. dairy consumption saw an emphatic rise in domestic dairy demand, jumping to levels not seen since before 1960.

Minerva Dairy announced Steven H. Lefkowitz has joined the company as chief financial officer.