Turkey Candy Place Settings

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  • Betsy Wright of Newark, Ohio, writes these Turkey Candy Place Settings are a Thanksgiving tradition from her childhood and now for her own children.
  • Turkey Candy Place Settings
  • Candy corns
  • Chocolate chips
  • Fudge striped cookies
  • Large chocolate balls or mint drops


  1. Set all ingredients out (if making with children, it’s best to have it all ready).
  2. Melt chocolate chips until just melted.
  3. Dab the bottom of the chocolate ball into the melted chocolate and place on the all chocolate side of one of the cookies.
  4. Take a butter knife and spread a small circle of melted chocolate on the striped-sided cookie.
  5. Butt the striped cookie up to the chocolate ball and hold till it sets up (just a few seconds).
  6. Dip the yellow back and edge of the candy corn into the chocolate and then place on top of the chocolate ball and against the striped cookie.
  7. Let the candy turkey dry.
  8. Set on top of plates as part of the Thanksgiving table settings.
  9. Then eat and enjoy!
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