What we’re reading: 9/23

table with baking ingredients

If you wear your food. We love to eat (duh), so inevitably, drips and slops and oops happen. Usually when we’re wearing a white shirt. So what’s the best way to remove a spaghetti sauce stain? Or chocolate? Bon Appetit has the scoop.

Rent-a-grandma for the kitchen. Genius. Pure genius. All of us crave Grandma’s pies or breads or mac and cheese. Or maybe just Grandma’s presence. Now, Food & Wine reports a French entrepreneur “rents out retirees and nursing home residents as chefs to anyone who misses the taste of home cooking.” Someone needs to make this happen in the U.S. Stat!

Eat your way across the USA. In Delaware, it’s scrapple hash. In Minnesota, it’s the Juicy Lucy. And in Washington, it’s the Dungeness crab cake. Thrillist has compiled a list of the must-eat foods in every state. What’s Ohio’s? Hint: think Cincinnati.

A picture book for food. If you’ve always wanted to know what the additives in your food look like, you’re in luck: a book, “Ingredients: A Visual Exploration of 75 Additives and 25 Food Products,” will show you what azodicarbonamide, enzymes and a host of other ingredients look like. Via National Geographic.

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