Tuesday, April 24, 2018
crow perched on post

Several times each year I'm pleasantly surprised when I get a letter or email from a reader asking how to attract more crows. Such letters make me smile.
Marbled Murrelet

The clever video shines a spotlight on the plight of the endangered marbled murrelet, a small seabird related to puffins that lives along the Pacific coast from northern California to Alaska.
bird feeder hanging in tree during winter

When readers ask for help selecting a bird feeder, I'm happy to oblige. I bought my first feeder in 1978, so I've had lots of experience evaluating them.

Every fall, shortly after nighttime, temperatures turn chilly and deer mice seek refuge from the coming cold weather by moving into our homes.

Out with the old: By the time young mourning doves have left the nest, the parents have already begun another family. Females often lay eggs in a new nest before the previous brood has left its nest tree.

Despite the low reproductive rate, the condor's recovery is encouraging.

Fall migration is underway, and will continue the next few months.

This summer I saw my first monarch on Aug. 1. Since then, however, I've seen more every day.

Hunting regulated by professional biologists in the U.S. is here to stay, but international trophy hunting should end today.

When mowing your lawn, be careful not to run over those harmless snakes.
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