Thursday, November 15, 2018

Last year FeederWatchers submitted 156,076 checklists, a new record. They reported a total of more than seven million birds.

After nesting, molting is the most important thing birds do. Feathers are critical for survival.

Scott Shalaway details what happens to birds during storms such as Hurricane Florence.
trumpet creeper

When fall colors begin to reveal themselves, it's time to plant woody vines, small trees and perennial wildflowers.
Ruffed Grouse

For nearly 25 years, unpredictable fluctuations of ruffed grouse populations in the Appalachian region have frustrated wildlife biologists in many states.

Each balloon that floats away is an ecological disaster waiting to happen. The consequences include powerline outages and sea turtles dying a painful death.
migrating birds

Migratory birds and butterflies will soon begin their journey head south for the winter. Learn more about what species to watch for this fall.

Many insects are less conspicuous and seldom recognized. In fact, some are rarely seen as adults. Have you ever seen any of these?
painted turtle

Grab a field guide and some old sneakers, beat the heat, and study some aquatic turtles as summer winds down.
Piping plover chicks

For the second consecutive year, a pair of federally endangered piping plovers are raising chicks on Gull Point at Pennsylvania’s Presque Isle State Park.
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