Thursday, November 21, 2019
deer near road

Autumn is when deer-vehicle collisions peak. Learn how to be careful on the roadways and avoid collisions with deer.

Scott Shalaway offers insight on the science that goes into decisions on wildlife management.
bird flying to feeder

Learn how to make any backyard feeding station a success by matching birdseed to specific types of bird feeders.
bird feeder

Scott Shalaway shares tips to attract birds to apartment bird feeders.

Scott Shalaway details the history of dragonfly swarm sightings in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Scott Shalaway is convinced that hunting is a legitimate tool to solve wildlife problems, but its popularity is fading.

Centipedes and millipedes are harmless invertebrates that occasionally occur indoors, but seldom warrant chemical control.

The voices of owls and frogs subside in September, allowing insect sounds to dominate. Learn more about what to listen for on late summer nights.
migratory birds

Did you know many songbirds travel at night during migration? Scott Shalaway offers insight on how and why birds migrate south for the winter.

Since his wife brought home that spectacular eastern Hercules beetle he described in his column a few weeks ago, Scott Shalaway has embraced beetlemania.