Saturday, August 8, 2020

In West Virginia, lawmakers are split over the forced pooling measure.

You can toss a coin, but don't ignore your own experience when making planting decisions.

Online farmers markets showcase fresh food from multiple farms within a defined geographic region, such as a single county or tri-county area.

Farmers need to realize that they aren't invincible and to recognize the importance of family communication and contingency plans.

SALEM, Ohio -- Chip, a Texas cattleman, bragged to Jesse Dotterer and the handful of others visiting his Anahuac, Texas, ranch.Years of selective breeding...
Pfeifer Dairy Family

Pfeifer Dairy, in Crawford County, has been a family-run operation since 1902 and is now seeing its fourth and fifth generations on the farm.
farei kennels fitz

Tarma Shena reflects on winter, when it's too cold to do property maintenance or improvement and not late enough to prep for spring. It is, however, a good time to reflect, evaluate, train and improve.
Northside Farmers Market

As the concept of local food and urban gardening gains popularity, urban agriculture, with its benefits and obstacles, is coming to many cities.
Farm Science crowd

The new federal GMO law is still a couple years from taking effect, but experts are already weighing in on how it might affect the food industry.

Both the House and Senate voted to override the presidential veto of the new farm bill, making 14 of the 15 titles law.