Monday, May 16, 2022
Ohio State students

Being an Ohio State College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences student, and athlete or a marching band member takes a lot of dedication and time management.

Graduate school allows college graduates the chance to intensify their studies as they pursue advanced degrees. Finding the best fit for you takes time.

The Ohio Department of Insurance created an insurance checklist to help college students and parents ensure appropriate financial protections are in place.
Personal brand

Just like a corporate brand, each of us has our own brand. It includes our character, social media presence, conversations, lifestyle — everything we...
Your Ag College Guide

Farm and Dairy's 'Your Ag College Guide' offers admissions information, tips and graduates' stories. Editor Susan Crowell asks all in agriculture to take a look at it.
Come to class

By Annie SpechtIt’s me, your college professor.You know, the person who stands at the front of the classroom you didn’t come to and shares...

Study abroad programs give students unique opportunities to experience other cultures while pursuing their degrees.
Campus visit

Research colleges carefully, look into the programs that are offered, the size of the campus, and anything else that might interest you.
college fund

For many students, college is not the most affordable and sometimes finding scholarships and additional funding can be a challenge.
College application

The college application process can be a tedious one, but it’s important to take it seriously.