Americans must stick together to get through hard times



Since the creation of our country, Americas’ politicians have debated about how much should we import and export.

If they could have reduced imports just a little now and then since about 1960, so that we would now have about 5 percent less imports of any and all products and increased exports of about 10 percent more than we have today, many of our problems would no longer exist.

We can make adjustments to the interest rate banks are charged for money and this is an excellent example for us to use in regards to making adjustments to how much should we import and export. It makes more sense to do this gradually.

Now we are faced with a crisis between the American people and the WTO. More drastic adjustments are now demanded and the WTO wants those drastic adjustments to be made in their favor.

It’s so much easier to negotiate an increase when we are talking about a hundredth of one percent at a time and now it’s “we the people” that are paying the price.

Again too much talk and not enough immediate action for ourselves and not enough action for those in the future as well.

Most who were in grade school back then often wonder why adjustments were not made for the far future. Of course we hear a lot of debates about planning for the future and we heard a lot of debates back then, too.

We would not be too far off from success if we would not dwell on debating for the sole purpose of getting elected. Yes it’s our duty to debate but we must take action now for the benefit of those living 40 years from now.

I believe most voters have good reasons to stand by their candidates but when our preferred candidates are divided on the issues, it’s those hard working taxpaying Americans that intensely suffer to no end.

Many of them or their family members have fought for or are now fighting for a new and improved “America.”

An America with an economy that never bottoms out and with more people working and sharing the tax burden we could gradually restore our lost surplus for the federal government and that of the states.

It really costs no money for them to lake action but it cost the American public trillions of dollars every decade, their businesses, their jobs, their families, their lives and their nation’s national security are always at stake.

I firmly believe there was a time they were able to hide this pain deep down inside; but now it has come to the grand finale and our preferred candidates have their work cut out for them. They must stick together as Americans.

We can no longer hold grudges against one another as Democrats, Republicans or Independents.

It’s Americans that count and it’s Americans that fight side by side for our liberty. Americans work side by side to make a living and to pay those taxes and it’s Americans that fight against terrorists at home and overseas.

Joe Mason

Salem, Ohio


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