Article serves as wake-up call



I want to thank you for the Life Out Loud column in the April 4 issue of Farm and Dairy. Kymberly Foster Seabolt has written a fine thought-inviting article on farm land gobble-up. This mad rush to make the countryside a land of concrete, asphalt, shopping centers and suburbia will eventually create a shortage of food in the United States.

Development needs to be balanced with sufficient food for the people in the new suburbia. Kymberly has done all of us a wonderful brave favor in giving all of us a wake-up call.

Farm and Dairy is to be commended for making it possible for us to have opportunity to read this wonderful article. One more word – development in America is taking out of production the most fertile and productive land we have. A good example is seen in Lancaster County, Pa.

Wilmer D. Swope

Leetonia, Ohio

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