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Hello again!

Oh what a week! Did you get your crops in yet? Some of you are done, bully for you!

We are starting to get folks calling into the office to set-up times for reporting their acres. Thanks! This is even before we have start bugging you. Now, if history is any indication, there a few of you who will get repeated reminders that we really want to see you before the deadline.


This year, in addition to certifying your crops, you will also be completing the Agricultural Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage programs enrollment process. Most times we can do this at the same time. However, for a few of you early reporters, we may have to see you one more time in the office before it is all done.

Crop damage

As we are all aware, though blessed with decent weather for planting so far this season, things can turn ugly in an instant.
When bad weather prevents planting or damages crops, the FSA would like to remind you to report the acreage to the FSA office within 15 days of the final planting date of the crop or when the loss first becomes apparent.

This applies to all crops, whether covered by crop insurance, not covered by insurance, or covered by FSA’s Non-insured Assistance Program, or NAP.

Final planting dates vary among counties and crop types so check with your local office if you are not sure when the final planting date for your crops are. Producers who have their crops insured through a private crop insurance company should contact the insurance agent immediately and advise them of the damaged crops.

Additionally, a CCC-576, Notice of Loss Application, must be completed in person at the FSA office, and the prevented and/or failed acres reported.


For those crops covered under FSA’s NAP, producers should contact the FSA office within 15 days of when the loss becomes apparent to you to report the acres and file a CCC-576, Notice of Loss application as well. This is important so the loss can be appraised and production counted before the crop is put into another use, abandoned or destroyed. This appraisal must be completed to qualify for any NAP payment associated with that crop.

For more information about reporting prevented planting or failed acres, contact your local FSA office.

New members

I know I touched on this last week and will probably touch on it some more in the coming weeks but please, give some consideration to being a member of our county committees. The nomination period opens in a few weeks for those Local Administrative Areas that are ending their term, we really need your support to make the system work. It’s the county committee that helps provide a sense of reason in national program delivery to the local level.

If you have questions please give us a call at the FSA office.

That’s all for now,
FSA Andy


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