Attend meeting to help solve school-funding issues



I am a retiree of UAW Local 1112 and have become involved with the school-funding issue that now plagues all Ohioans.

In 1997 the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the present method of funding our schools was unconstitutional.

Currently, property taxes are used as a basis for funding. It is the overreliance on property taxes that the court based its decision on. The Ohio Constitution clearly states the state will fund all schools with adequate funds and all students shall have an equal opportunity to secure a good education.

Ohio ranks 36th in school funding nationally, and the quality of education some of our students receive as they prepare for college is deplorable.

I say quality of education because the state is constantly under funding education and placing a heavy reliance on property taxes. Schools are forced to seek more levies and many do not pass. As a result, programs and services are cut.

As a result, there is animosity between school boards, residents and teachers.

As a retiree and taxpayer my wages are eroded. How long can we stand by and do nothing?

I believe we can do something. As a starter, Oct. 21 at 7 p.m., William Phillis, executive director of the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy on School Funding, will speak at the Jackson Milton High School gym.

This meeting is open to all tri-county residents.

There are solutions to the school-funding problem and several states have already adopted successful plans. Area legislators and school administrators have been invited.

Please take time to attend this meeting. As residents and taxpayers, our concerns may play a part in advancing the futures of our children. I know of no greater achievement

Olin Harkleroad

North Jackson, Ohio

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