Can you hazard a guess at our latest unidentified antique tool?

Item No. 1219

Hello from Hazard!

Item No. I214

We had another guess come in on Item No. 1214 (going way back to May).
Teri Horning said it is an antique turf cutter/edger. Teri’s grandfather had something similar to this that he brought from Ireland. Teri said he used it to cut turf for heating his cottage where he grew up in Ireland. The modern day versions are crescent shaped.
In the May 26 issue, Fred Moore, of Seward, Alaska, wrote that Item No. 1214 looks like the tool the people of Scotland, and elsewhere, use to cut peat for fuel.
The item was submitted by Robert Modranski.


We had a few more answers come in on Item No. 1217. Jack Phillip, Mogadore, Ohio, and Bob Armitage, agree with those last week who said it is a fence post stabilizer.
John Boles found the item dumped on the hillside behind his house in Elyria.


Item No. 1218

We had several write in on Item No. 1218. Noah Petersheim, of Fredericksburg, Ohio, said it is a point driver for installing glass in wooden windows. Patrick Brown, Lowellville, Ohio, said it is a tool to install glazer points in window sash and such.
Lehr Dircks, of Loudonville, Ohio, agrees and writes, “It is a framers or glass shop tool that shoots little diamond shaped tabs to hold glass in a frame as well as the final backing. It can also be used to hold glass in a frame until glazing is put on it. The little metal points are called stacked points.”
Don Russell, Dan Malone and James Miller, of Louisville, Ohio, agree.
Randy Winland, of Prospect, Ohio, submitted the item.


Item No. 1219

Winland also submitted Item No. 1219. Do you know what this item is and how it was used? Email us at; or by mail to: Hazard a Guess, c/o Farm and Dairy, P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460. We could use some Hazard items. If you have something you need identified, send it our way!


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