Care to hazard a guess at this antique tool?


Hello from Hazard!
Item No. 1080 wasn’t a mystery to Greg Six, of East Liverpool, Ohio, and Jim Kiko Sr., of Paris, Ohio — it’s a cast iron kitchen sink adjustable leg. Kiko included a photo (we share it here, too) of the same type of leg that reader Mike Amstutz shared with Hazard.
Interesting. Does anyone have a photo of the sink in its entirety, legs and all?
Anyway, thanks to both Greg and Jim for solving the mystery. I never doubted our readers for a second!

On to Item No. 1081, submitted by Jerry DeWitt, of Vermilion, Ohio. “I have no idea what it is,” he writes. “Antique shops in northeast Ohio we visited had no answers either.”
Jerry, you’ve come to the right place.
He says its 12 inches long and 2-5/8 inches wide. The handle is stamped “With the compliments of Hughes & Muller.” The slots are 6 inches long and are not the same dimensions, width-wise.
What do you guys think? How was it used?
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