Counterattack on The Passion of the Christ



The attacks on The Passion of the Christ as being anti-Semitic are clearly nonsense to anyone who has seen the film. More likely, these attacks are aimed at Christianity itself.

When the monument of the Ten Commandments was ordered removed from the Alabama State courthouse in August 2003, a larger monument of Artemis, a Greek god, was left standing.

The removal of the Ten Commandments was not a separation of church and state, it was a separation of Christianity and state. Why is the God of Christianity politically incorrect while other gods are not?

In 2002, the University of North Carolina, a public school, tried to require all new students to read Approaching the Koran, a book promoting the Islamic religion.

Imagine the uproar if a public school required the reading of the Christian Bible.

Why is the Christian Bible politically incorrect while books of other religions are not?

Christianity is a roadblock to those who wish to eliminate morality from public life.

For instance, it is morality that stands in the way of those who think law alone can change the twisted perversion of homosexual marriage into an honorable union.

Therefore, they try to eliminate the concept of morality. To do that one must attack Christianity.

Even though 85 percent of Americans consider themselves to be Christian, it is the Christian religion that is continually assaulted in our schools and our courts.

While Christians are the silent majority, as long as they remain silent, being the majority is meaningless.

And being the majority is also useless as long as the majority splinters itself into small groups fighting each other instead of a common enemy.

For example, when the Catholic Church had a march against abortion, where are all the other Christian churches? Shouldn’t the Baptists and the Churches of God, and Christ, and Methodists, and Presbyterians, and all the other Christian churches that consider themselves pro-life be marching?

This is not to say that all Christians should attend anti-abortion marches, but simply that they should realize there are many times when Christian churches need to work together.

And it is interesting to note that some who attack The Passion of the Christ as being unnecessarily violent seem to be the same people who see nothing violent at all in ripping a million unborn babies every year from their mothers’ wombs and throwing them away in the trash.

And why, one must wonder, is so much press coverage given to those who wish to attack a Christian film with charges of violence while nearly none was given to those in the pro-life march who wished to speak of the violence of abortion?

Why are anti-Christian viewpoints newsworthy while pro-Christian viewpoints are not?

The Passion of the Christ is under attack not because it is violent or anti-Semitic; it is under attack simply because it is Christian.

It seems anything promoting a Christian viewpoint is politically incorrect while attacks on anything Christian is not only tolerated but also promoted.

We must conclude that Jesus is as politically incorrect today as he was 2,000 years ago.

Terry Crock

Massillon, Ohio

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