Farm shouldn’t alter ways for neighbors



I am writing in response to the article The dairy in the suburb about Haskins Farm. (The article appeared in the Jan. 30 issue of Farm and Dairy.)

First of all, I’m definitely the type of person to go with the flow of things and not be rebellious. But I feel so strongly compelled to write this in return.

First of all, I admire the Haskins’ positive outlook on their neighbors. They state they don’t feel pushed to move to a more rural area yet.

I just think it’s terrible that they have to spread manure during the week, do barn chores late at night, do field work in the afternoon and spray for flies so the neighbors aren’t bothered.

First of all, if you live on 185 acres, flies shouldn’t be a direct problem for neighbors, and if they are, the neighbors can call an exterminator, can’t they? After all, no one dictates to the suburbanites when to leave for work, wash their car or cut their grass.

The farms were here long before the developments; if you didn’t like what you saw, you shouldn’t have bought the property.

If it wasn’t for farmers/producers, there would be no consumers.

Come on, they were there long before “you” were.

Laurie Novotny

Newton Falls, Ohio


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