Hazard A Guess: Week of May 13, 2004.


Hello from Hazard!

The mailbag was full of answers to Item No. 710. It is a shoe stretcher to help shoes fit over bunions.

You position the ball end inside the show and squeeze the handles to tamp the leather and stretch it. And it works, say many of the Hazard readers.

Readers correctly identifying the item included:

Orville Ritchie, Columbiana, Ohio; Sue Petty, Moon Township, Pa.; Les Howell, Beach City, Ohio; Heidi Pfeil, West Jefferson, Ohio;

Reva Montgomery, Lordstown, Ohio; Randy Winland, Prospect, Ohio; Art Bilek of Norton, Ohio; Tom Collier, Uniontown, Ohio;

Lloyd Wiseman, Zanesville, Ohio; James Miller, Louisville, Ohio; and Wayne Cooper, Fombell, Pa.

Mr. Wiseman even has the box the gadget came in: It’s the Hoke Ball-Ring Shoe Stretcher.

* * *

Item No. 711 comes from Clyde Henning of Paris, Ohio, who says it looks like the obvious, but he’s not sure because of the smaller size.

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