I will pray for him


To the Editor:

Having read Mr. Chet Hejduk’s letter Dec. 7, Christian bashing at its worst, I would like to respond.

First of all, when a person resorts to name calling, belittling of another – he is proving a weak argument and extreme intolerance.

As a born again Christian, neither demented, deranged, intolerant, hater and never guilty of trying to cram religion down another’s throat, I feel sorrow in my heart for one with such an attitude. If I am wrong, at death there is nothing else. I have lost nothing, but if at death there is something beyond, he has lost everything.

I will pray for Mr. Hejduk as his last two paragraphs really emphasize his intolerance of others and his complete misunderstanding of the Bible. Christianity is based on love not hatred.

Curt Hecker

Uniontown, Ohio