Just stick a pen between your teeth


Feeling the chill of dreary fall mornings makes it hard to come out from under bedcovers and get a move on. Days will be noticeably shorter on standard time with less sunshine to cheer us and more room for depression. What does it take to stay happy?
Dan Baker, PhD., director of the Life Enhancement Program at Tucson’s Canyon Ranch, has been listening to life stories for more than 30 years. He distinguishes happiness from “being in a good mood most of the time or experiencing the emotion of joy,” and describes it as a “way of life, an over-riding outlook composed of qualities such as optimism, courage, love, and fulfillment.”
One of the cruel paradoxes of life, says Baker, is that the things we often seek to soothe our souls are the very things that ultimately feed our fears, causing happiness to recede out of reach. He outlines five traps that thwart happiness:


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