Kathie’s Sensational Sizzle Burger


If you had stepped in our house a few nights ago, even for just a minute, you would have picked up the aroma of spices and Worcestershire that tell the tale of my daughter Kathie’s special burgers. We’ve had them several times during the past few weeks, and they’re great everytime.

Some of you probably remember the original “Sizzle Burger.” I think the French’s Company came up with it to promote their Worcestershire brand. I tried them years ago. You stir Worcestershire sauce into ground meat before you make it into burgers.

One night, the kids were going to have burgers since they didn’t like the sound of the leftovers that Mark and I were looking forward to. Somehow, “little” sister often ends up being the gopher, and, in this case, doing the cooking for both our girls. This time, Kathie had made ground round patties and put them on the griddle. I suggested adding Worcestershire. She sprinkled it over the burgers along with some seasoned salt.

Kathie served her older sister and watched as she bit into the sandwich she had made. It isn’t easy to please Josie with food. Her tastes are limited.

“Oh, baby!” Jo closed her eyes as she savored her sister’s latest accomplishment in the kitchen. I could see Kat feeling her success down to her toes.

Since then, Mark has talked about the sizzle burgers at work. Several of his co-workers want to try them. I made them for our family once after Kathie’s first big hit; but Jo didn’t like mine as well.

“They just don’t have it, Mom,” she said. “They’re not as good as Kathie’s.”

So we all look forward to Kathie’s sizzle burgers. I guess I’ll have to give up “my kitchen” more often and see what other great cooking Kat can come up with.


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