Keep politics out of church and vice versa


To the Editor:

With a wary eye, a heavy heart, an open mind and a social conscience, we must break from our chronic apathy and complacency so we can confront the carnal chaos surrounding the recent attempt to elect a president of the United States.

There are two issues that must be addressed. First, the contemptible behavior (misbehavior) of both campaign staffs was questionable at best and borderline criminal at worst. Florida was not the only state where dirty tricks and gutter politics were commonplace.

Secondly, in the most lavishly funded presidential campaign in U.S. history, we must look to the sources of those well-laundered funds and the self-serving contributors involved. Not discounting the massive monetary expenditures by lobbyists and political action committees, it still became common knowledge that the lion’s share of funding came from Christian coalitions nationwide.

This, in itself, is not only a violation of separation of church and state, but a devastating blow to the concept of freedom of religion. The fascist reactionary Christian warlords are obsessed with control, power and God for their convenience. No sacrifice is too great, neither human nor material, to achieve their righteous domineering goals.

On the positive side, decent and honest people determined a couple of decades ago that the moral majority is neither and that the religious right is all wrong. More important, no open-minded, free-thinking individual will ever allow a gang of demented, deranged Bible-thumpers to shove gutter religion down their throats.

In closing, this great nation was built on the concepts of being free to pursue one’s dreams, freedom of choice, freedom of thought and free enterprise. Being that organized religion is based on fear, guilt, hate and jealousy, no man, woman or child should allow his or her life to be controlled by or his or her future determined by bigots with Bibles.

If a revolution solution is suggested, just maybe it should be considered.

Chet Hejduk

Waterford, Ohio


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