Late Night Dates With Daddy


Things have a way of working out for the best – or am I always looking for a rationale? Whatever the case, Mark was forced to step in and take Kathie to play practice since I couldn’t drive for the rest of the summer. It gave them a special opportunity for time with just the two of them.

“Guess what, Mom,” Kathie quipped as she sat with a bowl of wonton soup in her lap. Her Dad had picked it up at a carryout after practice. It was still hot when they reached home. Mark had fixed her a serving along with a cold drink even though it was nearly midnight.

“Daddy’s been getting me a treat every night,” Kathie continued. “The first night he asked me if I had any water left in my bottle” (The Munchkins had been told to take a drink with them to the theater.)

“He pulled into the high school parking lot.” (It’s not far from the end of our driveway and it’s well lit.) “We split a personal sized pizza.”

“Last night, I noticed this white bag sitting in the van. It was french fried mushrooms.” (Kat loves mushrooms.) “We split them,” she said.

Kathie was in her glory. It made the rigorous toils of her commitment to the theater bearable.

The next night brought wonton soup, big – again, with enough for big sister, another wonton fan. I could have had some, too, but I don’t like eat that late.

After a Sunday matinee, they dined at an oriental buffet – a real “date.”

The grand finale came after her last evening performance – a miniature rose bush. Mark had arranged baby’s breath in a small, potted bush that was covered with tiny red roses. It was beautiful. Kathie loved it because it would last longer than the cut flowers everyone else was getting. Well, it should have, but, when we vacationed in Florida for 10 days, we forgot to include it in the houseplant watering plan. Too bad, it was dried up beyond hope. It’s good that the memories with Dad will last forever!


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