Laura Bush article was slanted



My beef is with an article pertaining to the accomplishments of Laura Bush (First lady rewrites White House role, Jan. 22, 2004).

I do not recall an article within this publication written about Hillary Clinton and her accomplishments while in the White House.

I called and spoke directly with the editor and was informed that it is a conservative publication. I feel that if this publication stands by the editor’s comments, then it should state that under the title of this dairy trade publication.

I was, at one time, a communication arts major in college and one of the fundamental journalistic rules was knowing your audience. This newspaper fails miserably at this journalistic rule. We are not all of one mindset, ideology or political party.

I found it uncanny and of cowardice with the lack of an author’s name given to this article. I have no idea as to why the writer’s name was omitted. That to me lacks true journalism merit.

Paragraph two starts with, “after eight years of Hillary Rodham Clinton.” I found nothing wrong with Mrs. Clinton’s eight years as first lady. I admired her for the graceful and strong first lady she was, who held her own under tremendously stressful circumstances.

She fought for health care along with women and children’s rights in Afghanistan and other violating countries (long before Mrs. Bush did) by flying to them, speaking out against violations of their human rights.

A braver choice than airing your support behind a microphone via the Presidential Radio Address.

The final paragraph of the article states Laura Bush delivered one of the first Presidential Radio Addresses ever in history in the role of first lady, lending her support of women and children’s rights in Afghanistan.

Oh, that just floats my boat, in historical moments for the next Jeopardy category under Historical Firsts for First Ladies.

If Hillary had done that, she would have been accused of taking over the president’s role.

Laura Bush poses absolutely no threat to the male egos that dominate the current world of politics.

Encouraging children to read is a noble cause for Mrs. Bush. But when many parents cannot afford health care for themselves and go without and some cannot afford books or just everyday necessities because they work for minimum wage positions, that is where I find a huge discrepancy between noble and the realities of life.

I sit here pondering Hillary’s future run for President.

Will you neglect her than as a candidate because of your conservative slant or will you become aware of your reading audience, acknowledging us by giving all readers a fair and balanced look to your journalism.

I can only hope that you do so by then.

Ginger Meeder

Shreve, Ohio

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