Letter writer off base



After reading the letter to the editor, ATV rider speaks in the Feb. 21 issue, I was totally outraged. I hope all ATV riders do not share the writer’s mentality.

First he says he would like to respect farmers’ property. Actually it is not something he should like to do, but he is legally bound to do unless he wants to share in the consequences.

I don’t really care that riders spend thousands of dollars for an ATV and the accessories, because if you don’t own enough property to use it, that is your problem. I know people who have spent $7,000 or $8,000 on an ATV and they live on a quarter-acre lot. Really, does this make sense?

About the mud on the road and big equipment on and off the road that he has to tolerate – all I can say is if he wants all that good, fresh food on his table and clothes on his back, it is really a small price to pay for these necessities or luxuries.

Why should townships and counties be forced to give tax incentives to private lands and weaken an already fragile tax base for these areas, so these ATV people can have their fun?

Sorry, Mr. Furler is way off base with his reasoning and I haven’t even mentioned liability for the farmer.

David Barnhart

Burgettstown, Pa.

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