Maintain services with tax



I am writing to you concerning the proposed half-percent sales tax on the ballot May 7 in Columbiana County.

I am generally opposed to taxes. However, I am supporting this tax in order to maintain the 4-H program and extension service in our county.

As a child who grew up in the 4-H program, I know that the program was a positive influence in my life as the experience in 4-H has led to a career in the livestock industry. It is my wish to keep our 4-H program intact for my children to experience.

An extension agent, required for 4-H, is a great asset to the county. Our agent provides valuable information and advice to the agricultural community. If we were to loose our current agent, replacing him later with the same caliber person would be difficult.

I would urge you to vote for this half-percent sales tax on May 7 because the 4-H program has produced many leaders not only in agriculture, but also in the community. Please remember, the sales tax would be paid by everyone who purchases products in Columbiana County, not just by county residents.

Stuart Moore

Summitville, Ohio

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