Mark Your Calendar; Next Week’s Full


While some people have been worrying about what was worn at the Oscars, and others of us are concerned with what’s being worn for prom, I’m feeling the warm tingle of sunshine bringing spring a little closer every day. As I check my special events calendar, I note the Ides of March is full of dates to beware of.

Next week is National Chocolate Week, something any chocolate lover will find worth celebrating by, of course, eating chocolate! Pass the box, I’ll take two; they’re small.

My family is very aware of the clutter in our small house (most of it mine), but, since it is also National Clutter Awareness Week, I’m sure my many piles of books and papers will leap out at us, renewing the vigorous zeal needed to determine how to deal with them all.

Every publication in recent years has run some kind of article on managing clutter. With so many magazines coming into our home regularly, I’d expect one of them should have exploded with ideas to help me clean up my act and mend my ways, but they all involve major investments in bins, totes, and the latest plastic organizational inventions, or, a beautiful walk-in closet relined with more of same. None are on my shopping list for next week; ah, me!

Wednesday, I’ll be wearin’ the green (even though I’m not Irish) because it’s fun. I usually plan some sort of meal with an Irish feel. The last couple of years I remembered to play my Irish Rovers disc that has The Unicorn Song among others. I hope the girls will tolerate my good intentions for such festivities one more time.

Then, on the heels of the leprechauns comes the first day of spring, Saturday, which marks the end of Spring Fever Week. Not one to let the winter doldrums get me down, I’ve been celebrating this one for some time. If weather permits, let’s all go fly a kite (you must have one rolled up somewhere gathering dust?).

Saturday also marks the end of National Agriculture Week with National Agriculture Day. Although most stores won’t be marketing this, it’s the one to remember.

If you’ve had your nose to the grindstone all week, celebrate all in one: wear green jeans to the barn singing “green alligators and long-necked geese,” de-clutter the stalls, and share some chocolates with Nubbins.

I’m ever thankful for the dedicated souls of the agricultural world who are the true reasons I’m able to eat so well every day. Now, that’s something to celebrate!

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