People should take back presidential primaries



Four years have come and gone. Once again the registered voters and concerned citizens of this country are subjected to the outrageous nonsense of presidential primaries.

Why should we continuously allow two states, Iowa and New Hampshire, decide who the candidates for president in November shall be?

These two states are not highly populated, they are not ethnically or racially diverse and they certainly don’t reflect the opinions of the voters in the other 48 states.

This unfair and inequitable system was set up for the convenience and comfort of wealthy, well-connected, pork-barrel politicians.

If justice and fairness is to become a part of the presidential primary voting process, then reform is absolutely necessary. A few ideas are as follows.

First of all, no primary shall be held before the month of May.

This will help to prevent low voter turnout due to weather, especially for senior citizens. It will also help to postpone, if not prevent, pollution of the airwaves with the candidates’ contempt for one another.

Secondly, all future elections and primaries shall be held on Sunday to assure a fair chance for all to vote.

Next, starting the first Sunday in May, there shall be 10 presidential primaries every Sunday for five Sundays.

The date that each state’s primary is held will be determined by a blind draw, with no one state having an advantage. The first 10 states drawn will have the first Sunday, second 10 the second Sunday, etc.

Finally, a system of advertising and campaigning shall be instituted that does not favor the wealthy and the well-connected.

In closing, democracy, freedom of choice and voting rights must be returned to all the people by whatever non-violent reforms needed.

Never again should we or future generations have to accept the outcome of a presidential election that is determined by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Never again should a president take office who does not receive a majority of the votes cast.

Chet Hejduk

Waterford, Ohio


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